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In Topic: v2 Demo bug report thread

18 February 2018 - 10:24 AM

Some more info about my save problems.


Game version: GOG.

System version Win XP with 4GB RAM or Win 7 with 8GB RAM (both, different computers).


Citation: "The Zero bytes savegame. When this problem happens, your game crash to desktop in the beginning of a battle and if you check it, you see a autosavegame with zero bytes or few kilobytes, at the end, a useless savegame. Other times, it does not happen when you load a battle and it happens when you try save a game and you see a message from the game speaking about if you have not enough space in the hard disk. Do not worry, you have space but the game can not write the savegame, probably because game engine can not write more amount of data.

Solutions? When it happens, you have not chances to fix it, but I know how the problem is because the code from the mod is too big. Based at my estimations, when xml code is bigger of 30mb, you can start to see the problem easily at big galactic conquest."



PR 12: config.meg is 39 mb

PR 21 demo: config.meg is 52 mb


No problem with save files in PR 12.

50% chance of problems in PR 21 (with precautions, saving only in quiet periods when fps is stable (27-28).


39-40+ mb is fairly safe.

More than 50 mb is probably not.


I don't know if others have this issue, though. Maybe with better PC (16-32 GB RAM?) and Steam version (aware of more RAM?) it can be avoided.



In Topic: v2 Demo bug report thread

16 February 2018 - 10:21 PM

Windowed mode shouldn't make a difference either way. Are you sure the game is actually crashing, or is it just appearing to not respond? It can take a very long time to save games in PR especially if you have a normal HDD and not a solid-state drive.


It seems my sentence "mod is crashing during saving" needs some explanation.
So this is description what happens:
1. I try to save game. I know it failed because there is info "Failed to save game. Check available disk space". Disk space is OK. Other mods save well. PR 12 version saves well :) but it lags horribly.
2. Saved game has 0 bytes, but mod is still playing and not crashing right now.
3. If save failed that way - it its 100% probability game will not save nor load during this session. It can play some time still, all other tries to save will fail (I can even enter battle and try to save after that battle - result will be failed save).
4. If try to load in that stage - it will crash game to desktop.
5. If try to save a few times more - it will eventually crash game to desktop.
So I call it "crashed" as you can't save it anyway and game will always crash after a few failed tries to save.

PS: PR 12 saves this Skyhook very well. It lags horribly instead. This demo does not lag for me.

In Topic: v2 Demo bug report thread

15 February 2018 - 09:55 AM

Another test, another fail.

I've used that launcher:



Star Wars: Empire At War - ModLauncher v.1.1.0 has very nice feature - it allows EAW to work in windowed mode.


But, even in windowed mode, PR still can crash during saving game.

Fortunately it is the only moment PR crashes for me. A very stable mod .. until you want to save progress.

In Topic: List of Suggestions for 1.2

14 February 2018 - 08:34 PM

I believe we discussed fighter capacity for the Nebulon internally and came to the conclusion that at least TIE fighters would be on external racks (like the Carrack) and we only put 18 Z-95s on it for the Rebel version. No shuttles in either version. I think that's fine for now, maybe I revisit it later. Weaker shields on the ISD II is due to the extreme power requirements of the octuple guns relative to the ISD I. Same thing happens to the Tector. The Venator needs stronger shields to protect its vulnerable hangar deck, and it has much weaker guns.



I've thought at least armor value of ISD2 could be 34. But it's not the issue.

Suggestion: shipyard structure could be a little more defended. Maybe it could spam some ships (corvettes, bombers, something at the  battle start). Now it just sits and waits for a salvo during invasion. Normally one would protect such valuable building.

I've just removed all Calamarian space structures nearly without a fight. Rebel fleet was elsewhere, so doom happened. They should  have some defense AI could not move outside planet space ;)
Yea, Golans, but they are useless (ISD have longer gun range).




As you can  see nearly all shipyards are outside protecting Golans. If I would not  have firepower to destroy Golans, I would just destroy shipyards and leave.

In Topic: List of Suggestions for 1.2

14 February 2018 - 10:28 AM

Suggestion for 1.2 or 2.1 whatever.


You seem to believe Nebulon frigate has hangar room for 2 full fighter squadrons. Hm, 300 meters but only limited room space. I've read Megabalta's article and I would be glad to hear your opinion.



"I think I'm kind of a nerd. This is why I look trough all the ship models I use in true scale to judge if Wookiepedia says bullshit. I was always wondering about how a Nebulon B frigate could carry 24 fighters plus shuttles. How could you fit any of those into that? The answer is: you can't."


Look at the picture.




It seems that ISD2 in PR has now weaker shields (40.000 vs 48.000) than ISD1 and the same armor (32) but stronger hull and guns. Really? Venator II has stronger shields than ISD2 (44.160).