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09 August 2010 - 06:50 AM

Well than that's great.

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08 August 2010 - 05:14 AM

Well Vanguard, I'll try to do that stuff, however, there's a very good reason I didn't volunteer for modeling and skinning; I'm a chem major, I don't really have a lot of time.

I'll try my best to do whatever assignments you throw my way as fast as possible, (modeling and concepts shouldn't be that much of a problem) but keep in mind that I'm fairly busy.

That said, I guess if no one else volunteers, I'll be the fastest option.

Also, for modeling, I'm gonna be giving you .obj, because I don't use 3DS, I use Maya. Hopefully, that'll work out ok.

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30 July 2010 - 01:13 AM

I can tell which ones you added, but that doesn't matter. I ment Stick within, by that I mean the green textures for China, the grey ish ones for the US, and the brown for GLA.

Yeah, I can do that. The magic of adjusting saturation is not a hard skill to master. =P

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29 July 2010 - 08:13 AM

I'm not that great with textures and I don't know how to do the house colors, but I've done transparencies with alpha maps and whatnot. I have no idea what 'stick withing' means. If by 'generate' you mean 'draw' or 'create' than yes.

If you want a general idea of my PS abilities, look at my sig. There are five guys in the sig, in the orig pic there were only three. It's not that good so you can probably tell which dudes I added in.

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29 July 2010 - 06:37 AM

Hello, I'd like to have a go at the PR Officer position.

I currently manage the Moddb profiles for Shockwave and Rise of the Reds, so I've got plenty of experience in that area. I also submit updates to other sites, but those are met with mixed success. (CnC Den and CnC Planet usually gets the updates up)

I can help test for bugs as I'm a bug tester for both RotR and Shockwave. I CAN model in low-poly, but I use Maya, not 3DS Max (So I'd hand in a '.obj' instead of a '.w3d' or '.3ds'). I can texture, but once again, it's not my forte, I prefer high-poly. here's something I made. It's not done btw, the texture is what I consider 'alpha'. I'm confident in my photoshop skills, so I can make things like cameos (which is what the prior image was intended to be), menus, backgrounds etc.

I'd love to do concept art too, but I'd rather not be the main concept artist. concept sketch for that big chopper thing, ignore the badass warrior person, that's some other doodle. Note: if I were to do concept art, I would either use photoshop exclusively, or I'd do a quick sketch on paper and scan it in and finish it in PS. Here's some more: armor suit guy, tank and future chopper thing. I've got a Bunch more that are much more 'concepts' rather than doodles.

I also done video editing, video capture, 3D animations, (I made this vid including the logo animation). I've even done some sound editing, music composition, and voice acting.

In summary, I can do a little bit of everything, but I'm the master of nothing.