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In Topic: Mod's status

10 November 2010 - 11:49 AM

guys of the RJ ROTWK mod team i want to know how far and if the mod is under further development or if its frozen for the time beeing because want to know whats happening such as myself also

In Topic: Ideas for Arnor

29 August 2010 - 10:45 AM

hey as i have posted in mod status topic about RJ Rob . i like to have Arathorn last king of the dunedain and father of aragorn added to to arnor heroes because thats a key puzzle missing in arnor faction because aragorn was Arathorn's last hope for dunedain survival as last heir to the throne of the men of the west and so gondor arathorn was killed at the battle of taurdall city of the dunedain when aragorn was just 9 years old and on his deathbed he order that aragorn must be brought to rivendell to grow and educate in secret in gandalf's care untill hes ready to reclaim the throne after that when aragorn arived all of the dunedain were defated by a legions of gundabad orcs and sauron's right hand in the west Shaknar but 1 company survied the grey company of halbarad of the dunedain that later helped aragorn in gondor .
so to the point make him Arathorn last king of the dunedain a 2 handed swordsman with 2e weapon set bow and brown dunedain suit if you google his name youll find much pictures about him.

it would be a nice addition to Arnor .

greetzz King Elendil (NL)

Arnor FAN :crazed:

In Topic: Mod's status

28 August 2010 - 10:37 PM

:xcahik_: :crazed: :popcorn: rob aka RJ i am happy your back because this is the only mod what keeps me playing this game all the races we have now are perfectly based on tolkien history and skins also my favorite fan race ia Arnor i love it so bad i got a real life but arnor is my second when i play it i feel that i must repeat arnor history were it lost and rebuild and win there like a real dunedain never give up lol hhahaha.
and also the campaign is promising what i can see now.
so cant w8 that you and the team finish it and make it rock on BFM2 Series.

:p for the team and RJ keep it up the good work we all realy have a BIG Respect for your Team RJ and yourself.

greetzz King Elendil (NL)

PS: About Arnor because people ask how it runs etc.
it works fine perfect in a matter of fact but i miss 1 hero i have read the story about arnor and fan made movies like born of hope and the hunt for gollum but i miss Aragorn's father Arathorn the last true king of the dunedain.
he died in a great last battle against the orcs of gundabad wich also brings a new orc hero shaknar right hand of sauron in the west , but Arathorn made a last hope for the men of the west and the dunedain by making an heir Aragorn who was later send by gandalf as his first assignment to kidnnap gollum and bring him to gandalf in Bree (the prancing pony) .
so to the point make him with a dunedain brown suit you can also look on google if ya search his name to see his look and hes 2 handed swordsman and uses a bow as second weapon so very easy to makei think if ya have the skills like RJ's team .
if this is possible then i am realy happy about arnor like history repeats itself a second changefor arnor.

In Topic: new faction suggestion

04 August 2010 - 01:51 PM

ok no problem then but it was just a idea

but can you guys then check or negociate or talk about in the team about adding isildur to men of the west (gondor) i can help with it if you guys want it because i miss him as hero and i think many with me it would make the mod number 1 of all and the best mod ever on BFME2

In Topic: new faction suggestion

03 August 2010 - 06:26 PM

yeah maybe but a few changes like heroes etc.