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In Topic: Science! (November update)

12 November 2011 - 02:33 PM

Hecthor Doomhammer, what about its strength? Is it same as before or stronger because tank is now quite bigger? I think that 150 strenght is very weak for such size now.

In Topic: Science! (November update)

11 November 2011 - 11:18 PM

Speeder, what does new Magnetron do since it is big now?
Is that just visual style or it is now more expensive and powerful?

In Topic: Sand. Sand everywhere.

24 March 2011 - 08:06 PM

And thats it! Finally Yuri to kick someone's ass! He usually ends up defeated, but this time I got surprised.
Anyway, personally I think that Mammoth Tank should be added to Yuri's Army (weaker version of Apocalypse) to support his tank divisions. As we all know from good old RA2, in Soviet mission Yuri send you to defend Soviet Battle lab from infiltrating, until Apocalypse project got finished, because Allies wanted to steal plans for Apocalypse tank. Yuri even showed to you plans of tank in mission's preview which proves that Yuri constructed Apocalypse tank himself. Of course that he still have plans of that project, he wouldn't ,,throw out" projects for the best tank. Therefore similiar tank in MO should be constructed for his army, based on Apocalypse which he constructed. (mammoth tank the most logical thing). But that's only my opinion.

About Marauder unit's preview, I think that it is the awesome and amazing work! At leats, more unique preview definitively! I think all units should have similiar preview.

In Topic: Psychocalypse (In development)

13 November 2010 - 11:02 AM

nice sounds man

Haha thanks :p

i really like to see a video of the beta version

Well I am finishing Aliens now, mod is not done yet, even beta version.
I can show maybe today if I get them, preliminary screenshot of Aliens.

but we shall be still here and waiting

Waiting your orders. yes commander!
hehe sounds like one of my voices.

I like these voices, but the effect is a bit too strong. Have you thought of using layers? For example in your recording program keeping the original take (maybe pitched down 2 octaves) dead center and having two processed takes panned about 15 degrees to the side?

Thank you man, this was very helpful.
Well, problem is my limited time. Since Thursday at evening until Sunday I am at home, s I can work in mod. Until then I am not at home which makes me limited. I can be on internet, but I do not have my computer. So I do not have time for experimenting now. i can only do quick voices. Well its not quick cause I need to record them with mp4, then cut them separately, that set them to be same as possible high, and save them. And test them and upload them. Not so easy job.