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Focus as Stalinfranco

21 August 2018 - 04:12 PM

Have been adding new enemies and allies to the missions of Commandos 3 (with improved sight/health) but I have a (hopefully small) issue.
The enemy sniper in Stalingrad 1 (Stalinfranco) has improved sight but also steady focus. When he moves towards other places (which is done so by zones where Francis is at the moment; no .gsc entries needed) he keeps his improved sight/sight speed/quick aim but when my new added snipers move they only have the basic sight. Also when allies in kneeling down position shoot down enemies they first go back to laying down/standing position and then return to the kneeling down position.
Anyone has any idea how my new enemies snipers can keep the sight/focus/steady position as Stalinfranco?