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Dragon Ball Z Artwork - End Cell Saga - Snes Scene (+ Tips) (Goku & Gohan)

30 January 2017 - 10:26 PM

Hello friends, it is a pleasure to participate in the forum, I am a designer, student and fan of the forum, I would like to present, if possible, my speed -art drawing of DragonBall Z, a drawing done by me in pencil and paper recently.
Referring to the saga of Cell, and reproducing an early scene of the old game of Super Nintendo: Dragon Ball Z 2 Super Butoden.
I hope you enjoy it, evaluate it and if you would like to present your own design for us to evaluate
Thank you.

Eternal Anivia (My Artwork ) League of Legends

23 November 2016 - 11:05 PM

Hello, I have paid a lot of attention to some users of the Forum who stand out by posting some Artwork and would like to also present my drawing, which I inserted in a video to present the development of the work, is an Art Fan of Anivia of the game League of Legends, to I at least it's easier to draw her than to win with her in pvp = D
I hope you like it, it's a color drawing and handmade.
Well since the issue is League of Legends I would like to take another matter, is that Anivia is not so good to play or I do not know the mechanics of playing with her xD, because I only lose in pvp with this char , But with Ashe I win well until, someone there plays Lol?

My Fan Arts- Lycan(Metin2) and Super MarioBros 3

24 August 2016 - 08:49 PM

Hello all, i am ilustrator and a Anime Fan , i invite all to watch and avalie my Fan arts, the first video is a Fan art about Lycan, a character mlee from Metin 2 and the second os a Fan Art about Super Mario Bros 3, i hope you like :)


Lycan Fan art- https://youtu.be/gMVeqcLBick


Super mario Bros 3 Fan Art - https://youtu.be/xWyroM6zApk