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In Topic: Soviet Engineer + TS/FS/RA2 videos

04 February 2013 - 08:55 PM

Thanks for that FS-21, you've been working hard! Speaking of YR benefits, I'd be very interested to see somebody make a redux of the RA2 Red Revolution mission (Soviet Mission 11) where the purple faction (surrounding the Kremlin) is the Yuri faction instead of Soviet, so you're up against both Soviet and Yuri forces with the latter being shown in control.

In Topic: Soviet Engineer + TS/FS/RA2 videos

04 February 2013 - 10:41 AM

I could upload and send you a .mix with the RA2 videos which you then load in the mod folder and they should play as normal. Tried the TS conversions using those settings but again, audio doesn't work.

In Topic: Soviet Engineer + TS/FS/RA2 videos

18 January 2013 - 12:26 PM

The .biks were already in expandmd25.mix? How come they don't play already in the mod by default?

In Topic: Soviet Engineer + TS/FS/RA2 videos

17 January 2013 - 09:52 PM

That was probably the case then, with regards to the mod launcher.

Also would like to mention I made an expandmd81.mix of TS Nod .biks, but the audio isn't working within the game. I'll try again with the mission ones making sure the audio's 44100 HZ, though I don't know what the other ones should be yet. Would you like the RA2 mix?

Thanks for correcting my spanish too, particularly with my misplaced subjunctive in the second sentence. Necesito la práctica para mis ensayos en esté quadrimestre de mi grado!

In Topic: Soviet Engineer + TS/FS/RA2 videos

17 January 2013 - 07:42 PM

I've just made an expandmd80.mix files of all the ra2 videos with the _ra2 suffix added (I discovered this in the artmd.ini). I am about to attempt it now, but for some reason this has surfaced:

MOD ACTIVATION STARTED (17/01/2013 19:32:51) -> Files that will be used:
[BACKUP] · taunts\
[BACKUP] · ~$ulesmd.ini
[BACKUP-SPECIAL] · gamemd.exe
· taunts\
· artmd.ini
· desertmd.ini
· ecachemd21.mix
· ecachemd22.mix
· ecachemd23.mix
· ecachemd24.mix
· ecachesurvivor21.mix
· expandmd21.mix
· expandmd22.mix
· expandmd23.mix
· expandmd24.mix
· expandmd25.mix
· expandmd76.mix
· expandmd80.mix
· glslmd.shp
· glsmd.pal
· mapsmd03.mix
· movmd03.mix
· ra2md.csf
· ra2ts_l.bik
· reloaded.pkt
· rulesmd.ini
· thememd.ini
· thememd.mix
· ~$ulesmd.ini
· ares.bat
· Ares.dll
· Ares.dll.inj
· ares.mix
· ares_debug.bat
· ares_debug_win.bat
· ares_win.bat
· Syringe.exe
· syringe.log
· cncnet.exe
· cncnet.ini
· Run Ares - CnCNet.bat
· wsock32.dll
· expandmd71.mix
· expandmd72.mix
· expandmd73.mix
· expandmd74.mix
· expandmd75.mix
17/01/2013 19:33:41: Error! The mod seems to be enabled but not exist a file required for disable the mod:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Westwood\RA2\CnCReloaded\enabledFiles.txt

17/01/2013 19:33:41 -> Current Network (LAN) filter: C&C: Reloaded

The mission which had the engineer bug was the second Soviet RA2 mission.

Studying spanish as well, so that's why I attempted the Spanish.

(UPDATE: It appears to work, the first video for soviet mission 1 loaded and played successfully)