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Top 10 TV Shows (excluding reality) that really need to end

08 January 2020 - 04:45 AM

I stopped watching these shows for quite some time but I wished they end already, and this is the new decade where new things await. Streaming has already started to sink these old shows.
There's one specific show that's still existing since the 1980s and that is...
1. The Simpsons
It's FOX's longest running show and the longest running animated show in North America but not the world (that goes to a Japanese educated show). After over 30 seasons of great humor and jokes, the voice actors over the characters have gotten old that it's time to retire. Strangely enough the characters in the animation never seemed to have aged, but at least it did have full widescreen HD this decade. Another show that shares resemblance with The Simpsons is....
2. Pokemon
23 seasons and now comes a new series (Pocket Monsters) that involves all eight regions of the Pokemon series (that means all Pokemon and all previous music of the last 20 years), if only that part is the final adventure for Ash Ketchum to become a Pokemon master. Like the Simpsons, Ash and his friends never seemed to have aged and so is the Pokemon. In addition to voice makeover changes, the recent seasons have been criticized for the changing of the animations and that show went downhill from there. Also how many times Team Rocket got blasted off again by Pikachu's electric shock? Most things never change but it should.
3. Power Rangers
Over 22 seasons, different styles, different characters, different megazords, same old tradition. My favorite versions were Lost Galaxy and Lightspeed Rescue back in the late 1990s to early 2000s. The last time I watched Power Rangers was the entire 20th season and nothing much has changed! Unfortunately innovation is pretty much getting thin from the Japanese originators, unless they bring a Deus Ex Megazord in a cyberpunk universe.
4. The Walking Dead // Fear The Walking Dead
The stories are decent. The zombies are decent. Most of the main characters walked off or being killed off in the writing. The only main character left in the series should be going "Death Stranding". After Rick Grimes had gone, everything changed. It's better off with a film series like Mission Impossible.
The longest spin-off TV show to JAG needs to end like as if there's nothing new to look at. Like the Hawaii Five-O reboot, I am tired of the junk talking that shouldn't be there and had nothing to do with the main event of any episode. Mark Harmon has gotten much older and now he could be soon in peril (of being fired) with former co-star Pauley Paulette accusing him of sexual harassment. While most old people watch this show, it's still the most watched drama on antenna TV.
6. Law & Order SVU
Law & Order was so 1990s. Law & Order SVU was so 2000s. At least the main character is earning more money in recent years. After 21 seasons, viewers and ratings dropped once again. If you are out of unique stories, then it's time for a finale.
7. South Park
WTF? That animated show is still airing after 23 seasons? Pokemon has way more episodes than this. Dated 2D graphics, dumb humor and language for adults make me think I still avoided that pointless show. Get on with the future because that show was perfect for the 1980s.
8. Spongebob
This is one of the animated shows that didn't exist when I was a kid, but I wished it did. Because it only aired on Nickelodeon, I had no interest with the show. Why it's still airing today still puzzles me. Not the type of show I would be watching after 2000, because it fits for the 1990s.
9. Supergirl
The first season was great. The second season was decent. Then comes the tedious amounts of drama in the 3rd season and beyond. Unlike Lois & Clark: The Adventures of Superman, I could have expected as much action, humor and suspense as Supergirl, but too bad.
10. Grey's Anatomy
I wonder if Fifty Shades of Grey book series was influenced by this original TV show title, hmmm? Had Dr. Christian Grey existed with his anatomy, this show would make sense in the Seattle area, with decent drama and unexpected censored sex scenes. Most of the main characters left the show throughout its 15 seasons. At least Chicago Med is far better than this one now. Also at the time during this run, Bones, House, and Code Black were better than this show. I missed ER, St. Elsewhere and Dougie Houser MD. ER was the show that made George Clooney into a famous and overrated star. St. Elsewhere was the show that made Denzel Washington, Mark Harmon and Howie Mandel turn into real stars. Dougie Houser MD was the show that made Neil Patrick Harris a TV star. This show did not make anyone turned into a real star.
Bonus 11: Manifest
This is one of the fewest antenna TV shows I called it a waste. The first episode was good enough to define the series. After that it's a pointless series that can be done as a 2-hr movie mixing sci-fi suspense with unexpected paranormal visions. I can already determine aliens out of nowhere in the sky manipulated the plane and its passengers leading to other events. Now it's airing season 2 for what, another pointless season of unknown triggered events which will eventually happen?
Honorable Mentions: The TV shows that should not exist because the movies already tell the whole story....
The Transporter
Lincoln Rhymes: Search for the Bone Collector

Top 10 reality shows that really needs to end

07 January 2020 - 06:19 AM

I don't know who's watching reality shows now with the increasing usage of streaming TV. I am already losing interest in most reality shows (and no longer watching them) except some game shows.


1. Survivor

Well this fall 2020, it will mark the 40th season. So far, 38 millionaire winners mostly don't really deserve it plus paying taxes. While losing some viewers, it still maintained its ratings most of this decade. The redundant drama, scripting and mediocre fear factor stunts carry the way for years.


2. Keeping Up With The Kardashians

I never really watched the show.... ever. Overrated, full of trash and dumb stuff and pretty much milking for money. If law became a new thing for Kim now, it should be focused on politics and law much much earlier. Don't forget that Robert Kardashian was the renowned lawyer of that OJ Simpson trial and the main father of those original children.


3. Dancing With the Stars

The revival of American Idol put this show sinking with questionable rigged eliminations of the best stars who don't deserved to be eliminated, plus the intense training and the usual injuries that usually and unexpectedly happens. The last season has the lowest ratings and viewers in the series after 28 seasons. Wasn't this show supposed to have four judges by now rather than having the same old three judges since season one?


4. The Bachelor

Unlike all dating shows on cable TV, this show still survived for one of the longest reigns of dating reality (and don't forget Cheaters as well). Women still have interest watching this show, but the same old drama and playing format are becomingly dated in recent years.


5. Hell's Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay is getting old to handle a lot of anger management (at least the show is still scripted). But I prefer more Masterchef and 24 Hours to Hell and Back than seeing the same old thing you see in a typical restaurant every day. I lost major interest in the show thanks to Hotel Hell and eventually 24 Hours to Hell and Back.


6. World of Dance

J. Lo and Ne-Yo have been decent judges except Derek Hough, but unfortunately as many people pointed out, without the peoples' votes, the show is biased and rigged to qualified contestants which mostly advanced with hip-hop/R&B/rap styles.


7. American Idol

The Voice is far better than this one (as well as The X Factor)... really. After 15 seasons on FOX, ABC/Disney should have left that alone as music has hit a rapping off-tone beat in most pop and R&B music for over a decade now. Right now it's pretty much rapping idols than real idols.


8. The X Factor UK

Biased, rigged and unfair in so many occasions for a singing competition.... should be renamed as The Hell Factor.


9. The Wall

LeBron James may be co-creator and co-executive producer of the show but this game show ain't king. Its slow pace of play  doesn't make it interesting, it wastes time, just like Deal or No Deal. It has lasted three seasons though.


10. Deal or No Deal

Yep, the show has returned with Howie Mandel as host but with wearing glasses. Unfortunately, the same old pace of play and the long talks have been the boring pleasures of the past. Out of so many contestants, only one actually won as a millionaire.

Who here has Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC?

02 January 2020 - 10:57 PM

Something tells me Windows 10 has gotten worse and some people thought it did, however it still sucks after 5+ years since the release. Even this article tells it all: https://itvision.alt...s-10-sucks.html


Before Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC (long-term servicing channel) was released in 2018, Windows 10 Creator's Update was IMO the best Windows version to date due to less bugs and less installation issues. Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC is basically a new substitute to Windows 10 S. What's even better, LTSC has a 10-year lifetime support of all versions of it, and a new version of that releases once every 2-3 years. Even Mozilla Firefox ESR had that long-term support too.

The full details of LTSC: https://techcommunit...sed/ba-p/293181


People who have tried Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC and had said it's the best, fastest and most stable Windows 10 version among all versions and could soon be recommended for all gamers and desktop users; however that version is for businesses and organizations only. Why? Because it's treated as the lite version of Windows without the usual crap, no mandatory service updates (except bug/security patches), the usual start menu (without the metro UI apps), no Windows Store, no cloud and Microsoft apps, no ads, no Cortana and no Microsoft Edge, but you still have Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player and Windows Photo Viewer (that is if you get a specific registry to unlock it). Also you have the optional ability to disable telemetry and mandatory security/bug updates.


While it's free to try for 90 days and it can be downloaded, unfortunately activating/owning it can be difficult unless you run a licensed company or organization who doesn't like frequent updates. Well this is where pirates are getting this advantage.


Having this LTSC version tells me you wouldn't be upgrading Windows 10 again for a long time.

Top 10 songs of the decade

31 December 2019 - 06:23 AM

Well folks, here's my take of the top ten songs of the decade. Yes, most of the music sucks in the mainstream area until I discovered synthwave/retrowave where it changed me the way how I listen to music.
10. PSY - Gangnam Style
The song that changed culture and the new revolution of dancing. It also became a worldly viral sensation and a meme too. Later Harlem Shake and other new types of dancing followed after. Strangely it was released on the year doomsday was wrongly predicted to happen.
9. Luis Fonso (ft. Daddy Yankee) - Despacito
Probably the best and most popular foreign language song of all time despite 6.5+ billion views in YouTube? Mix in pop, rap and reggae and you get this best song coming out of Puerto Rico since Ricky Martin made that moment with Livin La Vida Loca. A chillwave remix called Despacito Resonance made it sound even better.
8. Kavinsky - Nightcall // Violette Wautier - Drive (tie)
Nightcall is one of the best and (if not) most popular synthwave/retrowave songs of all time fitting for the Drive (2011) movie until seven years later, Violette Wautier's orchestral pop version of Drive even deserved to fit in that movie as well.
7. Daft Punk - Get Lucky (ft. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers)
It was (and still is) Pharrell Williams best singing song, period. It's one of the best post-disco songs ever.
6. Madelyn Darling - Somebody's Watching Me
The cover song of the decade. The usage of darksynth and organ makes it one of the best Halloween tracks worth listening to. It was also used in the Nancy Drew TV ad promos.
5. The Weeknd - Blinding Lights
The song to end the 2010s decade. This song surprised me and most synthwave fans because it almost reflects the soundtrack to Stranger Things and people wanted that song in that show. The Weeknd is one of the few mainstream artists to have attempted the synthwave/retrowave genre. Don't forget he used to collaborate with Kavinsky on a rare synthwave track before this one.
4. Michael McCann - Icarus
The synthwave/ambient theme that changed the way how we listen to cyberpunk/futuristic music especially in the world of Deus Ex.
3. Jessie Frye - Fantasy
One of the most nostaglic, fresh, emotional and pure synthwave songs coming out from an incoming Synthwave Princess. One of the most underrated songs of the century and deserves mainstream status.
2. Adele - Skyfall
Best James Bond theme song ever. Best doomsday song ever. Best orchestral pop song ever. Worth a billion dollar song. But still underviewed because it deserved more than a billion views.
1. Nina Boldt - Beyond Memory
The rare gem song that made her a Synthwave Queen. One of the most underrated songs of the century and deserves mainstream status. Very nostaglic, fresh and pure. I may have listened to this song more than listening to Skyfall and Everything She Wants combined.
Honorable Mentions (get ready for a surprise):
Now here's my take of the 5 worst songs in the last 20 years:

Top 10 shows of the decade

31 December 2019 - 05:52 AM

Well here's my take on the top 10 shows of the decade (movies excluded).
10. The Mandalorian
The best motion picture Star Wars TV series to date with an epic adventure and a baby Yoda.
9. Hawaii Five-O
Best rebooted TV series that is still surviving today, despite losing out two main characters due to racial disputes.
8. Person of Interest
A great cover ops show, showing most of the great survelliance everywhere and a great "artificial intelligence" as well.
7. The Blacklist
James Spader was at its best at the time, acting as a notorious criminal helping out the FBI catch bad guys around his organization.
6. The Witcher
IMO, this would have been better than Game of Thrones had this existed earlier. Based on the popular book and video game series from the Polish. Less soap drama, more action, some cheesy humor.
5. Stranger Things
The best 80s retro show I have seen in years, passing over hit comedy The Goldbergs. Lots of great characters but decent chemisity.
4. Treadstone
Very riveting, thrilling, suspenseful, pure Bourne vibes, but a very underrated show on a cable network.
3. American Ninja Warrior
Sasuke influenced this to become one of the best reality game competitions ever. But people are starting to get tired of seeing and hearing real and emotional stories that most Sasuke shows don't have.
2. America's Got Talent
The best summer (and reality) show all decade long, pulling up solid ratings and viewers despite declining TV viewership due to streaming.
1. Game of Thrones (excluding season 8)
Best telenovela, I mean best soap opera of the decade coming out of a book series. I bet this was influenced by Dragon Age?