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So there have been a rise in number of mismatches/disconnects lately

12 March 2019 - 10:52 PM

CnC Generals: Zero Hour online


I just made a game: !2v2v2 no rules (map: defcon)

Game went well, then bad. I was the last player left agains 2 other players, and obviously loosing. I made demo upgrade (GLA demo), planted my demo rebels on some vee's and detonated. 2 seconds later one player posts upgrade or update demo in general chat and within the next second my game encounters a serious error, and i am in windows notifying my game has crashed. I have to press OK.


I think the widespread policy of pro rules have pushed some players into intentionally crash games that not adhere to the made up rules. We know it is possible to provoce these errors ingame. I believe it is hurting the community and the popularity of this great RTS. We should dismiss the pro rules as a term online. Its not very pro, and its not really rules.

Generals Zero Hour Online - unable to connect to other players

24 February 2019 - 10:00 PM

  • ISP has answered me that they have no restrictions on zero hour ports
  • All ports are forwarded correctly on router, Port Checking tool confirmed it
  • Around 1 out of 15 started games i am able to connect to other players - i have tried paid VPN service, still around 1 out of 15 games i am able to connect to others
  • 6 months ago connecting to other players was more successful than not, i could play defcon FFA's


Origin bought game on win7. Have latest gentool version 7.6. Have tried dmz setting on router and windows firewall off. No change in results. Any ideas for what I should try next?



Just had 1 successful game with another player online. What i did was find the rule in windows firewall advanced. I located two listings in incoming rules of Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour. Right clicked them both -> settings -> properties -> advanced: there i could allow for edge-traversing. Might have done the trick. Will try more games tomorrow, gotta sleep now.



Started with unsuccessful connections in two games online. I did the same operation to two other listings only named Generals in the same place. Also ingame in options i removed the firewall port override number, because router is already doing that. I connected all games since successfully. About 6 games.