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c&c reloaded campaigns (cross-universe)?

09 January 2012 - 04:00 PM

I was thinking: is there a possibility, that there will be cross-universe campaigns in some point? I mean, Westwood was planning to unite these 2 universes.
anyways, in either case, id just like to try to create plot anyways for my own entertainment if nothing else (in my imagination, there would be 4 campaigns, as Yuri faction would just be constant pain in the *beep* in later stages of campaign).
i would start giving basic plotlines of each faction.
It would all start in small (but well fortified) allied secret base in Australia (for example). Soviets attack the base from nowhere. After they capture the base, soviets discover some allied top secret weaponry from times of RA1 events, including very first cronosphere. not knowing what it was, they accidentally turn it on, wich creates rift, wich destroys the base and its surroundings, but it also brings GDI base (Westwood plan was actually to create that same rift using old cronosphere device in tiberium universe) with some Nod followers to their reality. Nod followers flee (and later they find Kane (who is held in allied prison) in this reality, who quickly raises new Nod army), but GDI troops fall under heavy attack from soviets (who want to get their hands on some obviously supreme weaponry), forcing GDI forces to form an alliance with allies. Nod followers (as said) flee from battlefield, but before they manage to infiltrate one of allied Battle labs, revealing Kane's position in this reality. Yuri finds out about new technology relatively quickly and obviously wants it for himself (as i said, Yuri is not so major, because he has more important fronts to take care of).

thats pretty much entire prologue in my imagination