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In Topic: V1.11 Changes

05 December 2004 - 03:13 PM

-Yes the Repair Vehicle is tracked, I made it amphibious so it should have those thingies around it like the Amphibious transports and such. If it cannot be added, then the tracks could simply be just written over.
-Fix the Apache problem, I think the problem lies in the the [APACH] coding, since it's the same as of that old unit [APACH] which has been in the ini files for a while, change it to ANYTHING, for ex [LONGBOW]
-The SS website needs to have a link to Tech Buildings. Right now it's only accessible from Yuri's Country Specials.

In Topic: Some small suggestions and questions

04 December 2004 - 03:07 AM

Heyyy, well I really don't have much say in this mod so I don't care wut you guys do with it, it's all Deso now.

I have a few suggestions
-I think the Tech Buildings could be integrated onto more maps, I would really love to see this, I have added a lot of new tech buildings and spent a lot of work on it.(BTW, the Tech Buildings link is not on the SS site, you can only access the page if you go to the Yuri Country Specials)
-The Kirovs..... I think it needs some serious change, and has a potential to become a real cool unit, heres how.
The speed, since I added the new rotors, I think Deso can hook up a few more somewhere, ie edit the voxel. Well this is what it would do. It would make the Kirov faster of course, much faster, it would be pretty fast, and when it would have CRAPPY acceleration. It would be able to get to targets pretty fast(of course not as fast as jets) but when it gets there and starts firing, if it tried to run away, it would take it a while to accelerate and run.
Next part to refine the Kirov is to change the ammo. Give it a laser weapon, kinda like to expand it from teh Laser Drones. The Laser would fire against all moving targets, ie other aircraft, vehicles and infantry. The laser would be pretty strong, it would do a lot of damage but the ROF pretty slow, or it could be pretty fast and weak but it would fire against MULTIPLE targets(I forget if this would work lol).
The next part is to change the bombs, the old fashioned bombs would be used against buildings and such. They would accelerate like missiles under it and would not just drop right stright vertically. They could be called Rocket Somethings I dunno. They would take a while to accelerate like the Kirov of course and would do some damage, the range would be ok I guess.
So refine speed, and weapons could make Kirov a vg aircraft.
-The Nuke Artillery, being the strongest unit in teh game could use some refinement, heres how. You could give it an AA weapon. It would be NUKE FLAG, ie it would shoot some sort of mini nukes in teh air(new animation and such) and this would do damage in a radius like FLAK does. The NUKE FLAK weapon could also be fired from teh same cannon that fires the standard weapons, and it is aimed up anyways. It could easily defeat a group of aircraft at a LONG range, but if you split your aircraft to go in opposite direction, it would make it less effective.(give it a long minimum range, cuz the cannon cannot aim up)
-Grand Cannon. I think the Grand Cannon could also fire some long range FLAK against aircraft or shells(does a lot of damage in a large radius, but slow ROF), it's range would be even longer than against the standard ground targets since it's firing lighter shells. It could destroy a lot of aircraft with the "FLAK" at longe ranges. It would of course have a long minimum range since the cannon cannot aim that high. This can also be over come by spliting your aircraft around. Of course, raise the price of the Grand Cannon, just keep the building time the same.

I think a did a pretty good job in SS when it came to creating unique units :grin:.

In Topic: Current Mod Condition - Look here for development status

06 July 2004 - 02:51 AM

So Andre, what is happening?

whenver you have an AI update, send it to my e-mail zipped at sydr0@hotmail.com OR serbian4ever@hotmail.com

In Topic: Current Mod Condition - Look here for development status

14 June 2004 - 07:46 PM

ok cool

anyways, I am around sometimes, check news and such, nothing else really.

In Topic: Current Mod Condition - Look here for development status

12 June 2004 - 04:19 PM

Anyways, how much work did you do on the AI since I handed it over to you(like back in January)?