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Hey guys

19 June 2013 - 03:26 PM

It's been a long time.


I've had a lot to juggle since the last time I was on Revora.  This last year I got divorced, battled my way into 50/50 custody, bought a new house, and my first application has passed its tests and is on its way to to the US Army for fielding.  I also started karate (working on my purple belt now, about half way to a black belt), lost 30 pounds, and have gotten myself back out there in the dating market again.  Exciting times.



I know a lot of you would like to see the mod finished, I'd like that too, but I'm really not up to it.  I could go on about not having the time for it, but the larger truth is that I spend all day at work programming and it's robbed the charm away from coming home and modding.  After I've caught up with Apocalypse and found out where things are sitting I may shift a little time into it, but I'm really only looking AI for the remaining factions and a few bug fixes.


This is my first login in a long time, so I have lots of unopened PMs, I'll see about answering what I can in due time.