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TS/TD unit spotting...

25 August 2007 - 09:01 PM

So, what TD/TS units/buildings are in the Third Tiberium war? Any more then these...?

-GDI Huvmee

-GDI Spotlight Tower
-GDI Walls
-GDI Gate
-Nod Power Plant

-GDI Titan Mark 2
-GDI Mammoth Mark 2

TAKTICS and Reign of the Steel updates!

28 June 2007 - 07:19 PM

Posted Image (better quality picture below!)


Ever want to play among the clouds and relax? Well, now you can, in TAKTICS' new theatre of war. Yes, Clouds. TAKTICS is possibly one of the most unique mods we've seen for Yuri's Revenge, offering up a nostalgic war for Mario fans, or just people looking for something new. While nowhere near complete, Arikado and Icyson55's efforts sofar are mindblowing. This is worth keeping an eye upon. The Skyworld will offer up interesting, cheery combat. Just hope it doesnt rain!

Posted Image

Posted Image


Not your thing? How about Reign of the Steel? A mod that, after a rather long hiatus, is back in action. Led by Holy_master at PPM, ROTS is currently bringing three factions(GDI, Nod, and Cybernetic) to Yuri's Revenge. A new render of GDI's Bison IFV(which will function like its RA2 namesake), anlong with an ingame, can be seen above.

FNT ED released!

28 June 2007 - 07:08 PM

Here it is guys! The fonT editor you've all been waiting for. (I think...)

This tool will let you edit RA2/YR's game.fnt file (fonT format, no other font files supported) so you can have your very own font in your mod.

The screenshot below should make several things clear, if not, there is always the help file.

Posted Image



Zombie vs Shark...

27 June 2007 - 04:45 AM

From Zombi 2, a Tiger Shark fighting with a Zombie...

Owner of a retarded PC...

16 June 2007 - 11:12 PM

Hey. I guess you can call me computer illiterate(hell, I am, lets be honest.), but heregoes.

My computer has been acting odd for the past few months. It is a Compaq computer I bought from Wal*mart(go ahead and laugh.). Yes, not the best thing for gaming, of course, However its begun to spiral downward for the worst, and I feel helpless. Renegade used to run great on this thing, everything on high settings. It used to be wonderful for all of my needs. Now it seems to be falling into the shitter. Renegade plays quite well for 20-25 mintues before gradually falling in FPS rate to 5 or 4 FPS even with EVERYTHING on LOW settings, no skins or anything that would inhibit lag. When i boot the bloody thing up, I have to shut off RUNDLL from the Windows Control Panel thing(ctrl-alt-delete), or the PC grinds to a halt. Now one of its new and wonderful features is to, once a month, lag like hell no matter what I do. the CPU rate hikes itself upto 100% even if I am moving the slider up or down on the side of my Firefox, MSN, or Notepad window. Can SOMEBODY please help me here? I am currently running a Trend Micro Housecall Virus Scan after Chronojam suggested I do so. Its pulling up a LOT of crap, spyware, adware, ect, but I want to be sure I stop whatever the hell is doing this to my computer. For God's sakes. I just want to play Renegade without lag, and get what I need done, done, on this wretched beast.