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18 June 2017 - 03:51 PM

Few suggestion about Nuke General. Nuclear storm. Yeah I know tthis is just one click button-win when it will be ready to use. But if we will take all aspects of building and using it than we find this negative moments:

A) Trying to reach and use this weapon in 1v1 2v2 and other games is absoulutly pointless because:

1. THere are many various ways to win the game before you will able to reach rank 5 and of course build Nuke storm and even use it (12 min cooldown + time to build - very long)

2. your enemy will able to use his regular SW's at least 2 times and ruin your eco or even destroy your Nuke storm by it so you will not be able to use it somehow.

3. Also if you take Nuke Gen he have Nuke Missle and upgrade to it which make this weapon much effective in damage/cooldown*cost ratio and also you do not need to spend 1 GP to research.


My suggestion is make this UberMega weapon more friendly and give more reasons to build it in some cases (at least 10% of all games).

First what I think we need to change - its cost. Current cost is 12000. 8-9k will be ok for this thing. Also decrease damage radius of it (AOE) by 25-30%. decrease buildtime by 25%. Move it's GP to rank 5 and make it 2 points instead of 1. Also increase it's HP by 15-20 %. Cooldown also need to be change to 8-9 minutes instead of 12 (in other case we will never see that someone use it). If my suggestions looking OP then I can suggest to increase GP requirement to 3 points with rank 5. So overall damage power from all GP will be decreased because player will not be able to take all damage dealers GP on rank 5.

In Topic: Contra Feedback

12 June 2017 - 05:44 AM

China can purchase Signal Mines general's power from start. It's kind of like the Spy Satellite. It reveals a smaller radius when launched, but on the other hand, it will reveal the area when enemies go through the mines. China gets stealth detection in the same time as USA - radar from War Factory. Yes, GLA can build Radar Van right at the start, but it takes time until it moves to the enemy base. Scouts are implemented differently for all factions with small differences between some of the generals.


I will add a dummy weapon to Radar Vans.

thanks for the answer. Yes you right about Chinees Signal mines, but in current state this is musthave GP so you do not have alternative choise to select other GP because you will be in great disadvantage if you put veteran upgrade (instead mines) for some units (as example). Also there is no guarantee that enemy will send his first rusher-unit exactly to place where you droped your mines. For example Lagoon map have 6 main chokepoints places where enemy can possible move to your base by first unit (2 map sides+near right-middle supply+way near oils+ 2 chokes near map center). So you need 6 drops to clear your base perimeter if some rusher like GLA technical with RPG coming to you. Sure you can predict that by building defences and some units to cover your flanks but in that case GLA will have good map control because they do not need to spend money for defence structures early game and they can use their units more wisely because they will see each your step by invisible Radar Van. Also GLA can build tunnels. so they always will be faster than you and be able to return to their main base faster than you will able to reach it for attack

In Topic: Contra Feedback

12 June 2017 - 05:32 AM

Possible bug: I dont know exactly but I noticed several times when played teamgames: when you or your ally place a beacon on the map that beacon do not dissapear after some time like it should be so if you place several becons during the game they will be all there till end and will distract/divert you all the game, and also you will not able to place another beacon cause of limit of them

In Topic: Contra Feedback

10 June 2017 - 09:47 PM

Let me say my few cents about suggestion. Mod is greatful and will become even more elegant if people playing it will express their wishes for improving the mod, naturally with the rationale for their thoughts. Sentences like "add this here, because I want so" are not welcome. Try at least to state the essence of the matter. So, let's begin.

The first thing I noticed is that when playing on a small map on a random, there is a sharp need for early recon (scouts) for some factions. And if the US with these there is no problem (satellite and drones), then China, for example, the first scout unit appears only with the construction of WF. All is Ok, the unit is excellent, invisible, when it stands, "notice" everything that moves (and does not move too :)). Huge viewing range and the same detection. I understand that according to the idea, China suffers from a lack of intelligence for some time, but then gets the opportunity to control half a map. It's another matter that in the beginning the Chinese are completely blind, which makes it possible for the enemy to go all-in and hoping for luck to surprise the enemy, and if this is the US with their excellent intelligence? In other words, no matter how strange it may sound, it makes sense to level the factions a bit in the possibilities of early intelligence. This is not at all about full equality, but at least in the ability to see the perimeter of its base by building 2x3 scouts, as implemented by GLA. In general, the very idea of ​​the unit, which stealth itself and at the same time sees other stealth at a great distance is not bad, but in my opinion, the existence of such a unit should be after reaching Rank 3, but better and completely after the construction of the CPU. In return, you can give the possibility to build a truck with an average radius of view and speed as a VHF technique, or expand the review, but at the same time reduce the speed and maneuverability of this unit. HP to put on a minimum (more attention  :)). Naturally, he will not see stealth and will be an early scout.

2nd sentence: Add Dummy Weapon for the Radar van. Radius at it to make at level -50 from radius of a detector of stealth. Purpose: to be able to use them in the formation with a regular army and be able to send a squad with Attack click

(Used Google translate from russian to english)

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07 June 2017 - 09:38 AM

Вопрос немного не по теме. Где официальный русскоязычный форум по контре? Здесь или на редсисе? На редсисе походу никто не сидит и не отвечает. Тут как то тоже с созданием тем проблема. Такой возможности просто нет.