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22 August 2010 - 09:56 PM

We'll probably proofread the manual, although a shout to you guys if you'd like to see any lore elements or backstory if you're interested?

In Topic: RS: The source inspirations & history

22 August 2010 - 07:30 PM

Ive got a two questions about the world of RS:

1. How fucked up is the state of the world during the time of RS? Is it Traditonal Mad-max like world with minor viliages and communites of around a few thousand at the abouslute maximum with some mutated wildlife, or is it Tiberian sun level bad with mutated creatures far more dangerous than today's animals and the Earth's ecosystem being damaged to a state that won't recover for a long time or may never recover again or is the world of RS a mixture of both?

2. Most of you said that Nexus is based in Former Germany and Osiris in Former USSR doesn't that sort of allow a few places down in the southern hempishere (maybe even Former North america) to build up a small city or does Nexus or Osiris travel down their and do they usual you know or is it fought over by FL warlords and their general enemy the AL?

Still the world you created in your spare time would hell a be interesting for a full-fledged retail game (Imangine playing as a low down FL mook? Would be Pretty terryfying experiance :umad:).

Yeah Mad-max is a good example except raiders and lowlifes stay the hell away from warzones and the factions because to contact or come near them invites death. Militias and such try to eek out an existence among the life while creating their own little communities or even band up together but even they know it's only a matter of time before any of the factions come knocking. Ultimately these militias however simply are woefully horrible when it comes tech related to the other factions (technicals and lolcrossbows/scavenged rifles) so yeah they usually prey on each other. Raiders also find it more beneficial to join the League in which case you're under a sort of loose military system but have the backing of the League's resources which attracts a lot of evil as long as you direct it (mostly) to the enemy and fight well. Wildlife is also out of control you can thank our good friend YURI, genetic cults and Desolator cults (in RS the old Soviet Deso radcorps went insane and started preaching of the radiation apocalypse, using radiation as a tool for becoming superhuman). Genetic cults are more of an offshoot of insane Yuri mutation scientists who also went a seperate path preaching superhumanity in a different way so they usually cronk each other in religious feuds when the League doesn't keep an eye on them.

Yuri's scientists screwed around with animals as he started to lose the war and became desperate to use his genetic knowledge in an offensive way- when he fell the animals got loose and then Nex nuked the world.. then later on when the Soviet Radcorps went insane and left with their Radtech secrets going underground they did their own experiments which in turn.. also went out of hand in some places and escaped. Those scientists of Yuri that also fled and set up the Genetics cults also did the same for their own reasons and the same pretty much happened. When the League eventually took both under its influence it generally laid some rules down regarding experiments because they were proving to be a problem and harnessed both as weapons against the other factions. Of course, part of the agreement was that prisoners and whatever they come across are free to be "cleansed, enlightened, purged, eradicated, mutated, whatever" which they obliged by.
As for the animals that escaped as hulking bioweapons, they did the birds and the bees and the rest is history. They now generally plague homo sapiens wherever they can for a meal and space.

You mention city.. there is generally no "true" cities in RS save for the Allies' hidden secret "utopia" as we call it. It is hidden well underground, smart AL scientists had the idea to dig it with Chronotech teleportation so they could rebuild in secret and out of the range of Nex' orbital weapons and stray Nukes/missiles fired by the League and the barrages of Osi. From here they live martial lawed lives until it comes that they have to go to war in the surface above which leads them with sort of ego complex that everything on the surface is not human.. Nex and Osi fight each other constantly, League gets involved because they run on their territory too plus then they have their own jihads/crusades against the heretic robots. Allies have to get involved for the resources, territory and to find losttech from the old Allies experiments by which Nexus is also looking for to make himself fully "ultimate" in terms of speeding up his evolution due to the prolonged war.

As for TS thing.. there's heavily nuked areas which we call "wastelands" harbouring really tough mutant wildlife that survives there and also contains constant storms of ion storm-like hell. Such nuclear winter also makes it incredibly hard to target orbital laser weapons so it can be a good place to avoid Nex's periodic surface carvings if you're insane enough.. Nex usually avoids carving areas that are heavily defended as then they can retaliate with missiles so always it requires a Lassat Uplink in the area so he can bombard whilst keeping his sattelites safe.

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22 July 2010 - 06:36 PM

Actually NEXUS is more like AM from I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream. WIKI is just completely off the ball entirely as WIKI was an AI that believed in controlling humanity as a benevolent leader? for their own protection. NEXUS is a magnificent bastard who loves to tell the lesser species why they suck and his own reasons why he hates humans. He has plans to start a new race of machines by which he will ultimately triumph when the other factions and all humans in general are dead. He also sees himself as a guardian of the timeline of sorts, or as a better way of putting it "the final piece in the timeline puzzle". Every moment changed in time from the Allies has only made things worse, and the ultimate expression of the delayed war creates him, the ultimate lifeform.

Because humans when they tinker with the timeline and make things worse, NEXUS also takes on the mantle on preserving the status quo of things and showing that he is the supreme superior lifeform by first destroying Einstein and the Time Machine proving his manifest destiny. Einstein is a sort of "anomaly" if you will as he was the one who had the brains to travel through time. Removing him from the equation effectively solidifies the timestream as the Allies cannot create any further time travel devices due to losing Einstein as he was the one with the plans. In addition the Time Machine during the Yuri war interlude was not used out of fear of full timestream collapse (it was really the only way to explain why the Time Machine wasn't abused) so the Allies are stuck at a deadend in temporal tech which limits them to just their rudimentary stuff Einstein left for them plus the tweaks they could make as far as they could- phase devices and vortex generators.

Allies are sort of like the Enclave from Fallout. They also hate mutates and psionics, anything that really messes with mankind's purity in general too. They are hardly corporate, or even goodguys, as they will in the majority of cases not get involved with their surroundings to keep themselves hidden. They may act as saviours of the day or such but generally if you're a mutate and come to the Legion you'll die, if you come to them as a normal human they'll tell you to go away and if you fight with them you might have a chance at joining as you've proven your loyalty and worth.

FL are remnants true and likewise as warlords and fanatic leaders band together they use all sorts of indiscriminate tactics available to a faction that simply does not care about human life.

Osiris uses psionic chips to control people based on old Soviet project also bringing them into the collective fold. I do have long list of what each does to you if you were forced to live in said crapsack world which I might post later if Apollo agrees ;)

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15 July 2010 - 07:59 PM

Since we all dig giant robots, Robot Storm digs giant robots and even chicks dig giant robots, go watch Megas XLR.

Seriously, go watch it if you haven't.

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23 May 2010 - 10:23 PM

Yeah it was some guy I requested banned- he was baiting on other guild mods also. He was basically some troll that went on an over-smilied rant that we should be slaves to RS and other nastiness etc..