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Some Mod SDK questions

27 August 2007 - 09:15 PM

yeah i was wondering if anyone knew if the the 3dsmax 9 plugins worked with the 64-bit version cuz i'm having a bit of trouble. any answers would be great :thumbsdownsmiley:

My Phishy New Desktop

31 May 2007 - 06:30 PM

I've become a bit of a Phish Phan lately so when it came time to make a new desktop, they got the honors. here's my little creation in 1440 x 900 format. Lemme know what you think!

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A Formal Goodbye

06 March 2007 - 12:05 AM

In light of the fact that i am apparently not qualified to lead a division with no leader as well the revelation that this place is going to hell in a handbasket, I'm officially leaving revora. I might pop in occasionally and maybe even come back (:xcahik_:) if this place turns around.

I really do hate to leave this place, but it just seems that it really isn't worth coming here anymore. it's not what it was when i joined, and it doesn't seem to be going that way any time soon. I do wanna thank all those who respected me and still do for their support in my modding/graphics endeavours, it has really done alot for me in the past few years. I'm gonna miss this place now that it and i am gone, but i guess it's better than never being here at all. Good luck to all of you and i wish you success and happiness in your lives, as long as your willing to find it.

Peace out homies, it was nice knowing ya :dry:

Paradox isn't the only angry one here....

03 March 2007 - 11:12 PM

ok, so let's see what is going on here - we bitch out the NLs for being ineffective, paranoid, and not giving a flying fuck about anything that goes on here half the time except for the "Revoralution" or whatever it's called which, although it's been worked on since i think i joined this place almost two years ago, hasn't been completed or whatever. then, when they completely lose control of the argument against them because they have no real or effective defense half the time, they lock the topic to shut everyone up because they can't stand being bitched out and it's easier than actually doing something.

in the topic "The menace is gone", i thought Paradox had a very valid point about the disappearance of the black market. why now, after however many years, after all that trouble, did they do it? obviously paranoia was a contributor, but that was not mentioned once in that topic by and NL or anybody of the sort. Why? do you not want to admit that you did get paranoid? that it was done for rash reasons and without taking proper steps to see if it could be avoided? this is my view: the internet is the last place on earth that is still free, and forums like this are the best places for freedom because they allow for ideas to be exchanged freely and discussed with many people from different cultures than your own. piracy and the philosophy behind it is one of those ideas, and the black market was a great example of how that idea was put into practice. why give in to those who believe that profit means more than freedom? if it wasn't for the black market, i wouldn't be who i am today. why? that's where i got my first copies of photoshop and 3ds max, the tools that i use to create the art that i love. would i have found out that the graphics arts are really what i wanted to with my life if i couldn't get that software for free? the answer is no - i'm not made of money nor is anyone in my family, and i sure as hell wasn't gonna buy all that to see if it's something that i actually liked when i first started out. that is why i support piracy - it gives you the freedom to explore different things to see if they will make you a happier person, and the black market was better than maryjo's forum for that, simply because the resource pool was enormous, and these were people who could be trusted (with the ONE exception) because they had to go through the hosting process and show they were serious about what they were doing.

once again, Paradox isn't the only one who's pissed, and i do think he is right in many of his so called complaints and metaphors. personally, i think it should be Paradox, not Solinx, who's an NL because he has been around revora much longer, knows more about revora than him because he has been here longer, and clearly cares about revora more because he really wants something to get done.

Remember the "commun-i-cation" topic? it was unanimous that there was a greater need for more commnication between members and NLs. what happened with that? well let's see: i have shown great interest in becoming the new leader of the RCAlert division, and it was hinted that i might be able to get that job. i had solinx post a topic in the little god forum about it to see how my ideas were taken, and not once was i told what was going on or what they thought. i PMed him about it about a week later i believe and found out that the Gods wanted more than just ideas, they wanted someone who gonna be leader and blah blah blah, as well as that my post history showed me to be inactive for long periods of time. all of this happened and i was neglected from being told. what the hell kind of communication is that? so i PM solinx back saying that i would happy to have people helping me out and what not, as well as saying that i rarely miss a day of checking these forums. in reality, i check these forums about 2-3 times a day just so i know what's going on. the reason why my post history is scattered is because i don't just sit around here and spam the living hell out of these forums for the sake of an enormous post count to bolster an ego. the last thing i said in that PM was to keep me updated as to what's going on with all this. what happens? it's been 3 days and i have not had one PM explaining how things are going. this means that the NLs have not replied in that topic for three days, which really shows how much they care about this forum and the fact that an entire division is without any sort of leader, or that this idea of "improved communication" is not true. my thoughts? effective leadership? we wish. improved communication? improved communication my ass.

we have reason to be pissed and we have reason to demand answers. i'm sick of you bitching about us bitching and beating around the bush instead of giving us the reasons behind your actions. just becuase you're leaders doesn't mean you're immune from that - when those below you fuck up you demand answers, and therefore when those above us fuck up we demand answers as well. all of this that's been going on between the members and NLs wouldn't be happening if you gave us what we wanted. we aren't asking for you to conquer the world and give it to us - we are asking for three things: communication, action, and explantions for those actions. is that so hard? it looks like it. and if that's the case, then we should have a "Revoralution", but not the redesign and reorganization that it is - i'm talking about getting rid of the old leadership and implementing a new one. that's what happens when people feel that those who chose to lead them fail them in the real world, and i don't see why that shouldn't happen on the internet as well.

go ahead, fuck around, do nothing, beat around the bush - but don't expect me and those who belive the in the same things i do to sit here and watch you do it. the longer you pull this shit the longer you're gonna put up with my shit. don't like it? that's the way it works with me. i don't stop until you start proving to me that you are willing to make this a better place, that are willing to fix the current problems, that you are willing to admit when your wrong, and that you are willing to step down when you know that you are doing nothing to help. you wanted leadership, you got leadership, now do something with that fucking leadership - not a hard concept to figure out.

now, let's see how long it takes for this topic to get locked.


01 February 2007 - 02:11 PM

Here's my new siggy:

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and my avvy will be displayed when i find the psd and change it to a png. you will be impressed - i promise ;)