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In Topic: September 10th: Podcast! And some screenshots.

15 September 2013 - 12:55 AM

Hey there, I saw your game on space game junkie, I too have noticed the disproportion of space games which focus on fighters. I think managing a capital ship, its systems, power, crew etc is way more involving and fun, glad your game focuses on this.


I am developing a 2d game inspired by Starflight called Void of Darkness. The combat is geared towards action so its a bit fast paced, but the ships capabilities and combat is geared towards capital ships. But in the end it's an exploration/adventure/rpg game not a starship combat focused game. At the moment I need an artist to finish the game.


Anyway your game seems like it will be very entertaining and I especially love your capital ship designs, I have not seen more diverse looking yet aesthetically pleasing symetrical designs in very long such as yours.


Any news on a release date? Your website is quite sparse atm.