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lord exthoin

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need this

17 May 2005 - 11:32 PM

ok i dont have the knowledge to skin or make a charater but i need help with this i need Lord Exthoin Made for me its just one character i need him where i can just add him to the game i know its alot but iam shore if you make him you can use him your self here is some shouts if what he should look like please help guys


17 May 2005 - 03:23 AM

iam not looking to download a big mod or any thing just looking for some skins to change the way some of the charaters in game look since i have not the time or the knowledge to make skins my self i wonted to no if any body has some that they might let be use if people have more than one that i will use them all and give you feed back if you wont that think of it as a in game skin tester it helps both of us out i get nice skins and you get to no if there good or not based on the opions of others all i need is the Gu(unitname).dds file i can add it in game from there thanks