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In Topic: Confirmed New Units

07 May 2008 - 06:15 AM

If one paid enough attention to Nertea's posts in the 'Rohan' thread:

Meduseld Royal Guard
-They're the awesome guys
-Special Cavalry
-possibly limited in number
-swords and shield
-throw spear ability
-Can get FB, Banners, upgrade X, horsie upgrade (maaaybe)

1) The Royal Guard will obviously be on horse, but should they be on foot as well? Elite infantry, some people seem to want it but consider that we don't want to impinge upon Westfold's infantry.

In Topic: Rohan

07 May 2008 - 06:12 AM

@Nertea: Agreed on all points.

In Topic: Rohan

01 May 2008 - 02:55 PM

My opinion:

1) What I noticed with Rohan and its mini-faction is the relative lack of heavy defensive infantry. Sure, Westmark provides Helm's Shields and Lorien provides the Galadhrim (Armoured) Warriors, but those two are more of specialised offensive heavy infantry and archers respectively. Rohan doesn't really have a tank of a unit that can form a "Shield Wall", which they have done in the lore.
-So, I have this proposal (I don't know if it can be done, so let the coders see to that): Instead of creating another separate infantry unit (Dismounted Royal Guard), allow the Edoras Royal Guard to be initially trained at the Rohan Barracks (renamed, and possibly- enlarged Rohan Archery Range) as a final tier heavy infantry unit.
-These dismounted Royal Guard would possess about the same attributes as a slightly less armoured version of the Fountain Guard, but have the ability to form a "Shield Wall" (similar to the Gondorian Fountain Guard) and possibly throw spears (or some other ability).
-As the infantry version of the Royal Guard would have no armour upgrade and only have the "Forge Blades" type of upgrade, Banners, the Shield Wall Formation ability and possibly another special ability (i.e. throw spears), that leaves two more rooms in their palantir. One of these could be used as a "Mount Steeds" purchase (which can only be purchased with close proximity to a Rohan Stable), where these infantry Royal Guard would (after a short delay), be "upgraded" into their mounted versions, which would possess all their mounted attributes annd abilities they currently have, while losing their infantry-based ones like the Shield Wall. Their upgrades would also expand to include those relating to cavalry (upgrade x and perhaps the Horsie upgrade).
-I'm not sure if the Royal Guard should be able to dismount again after receiving their mounts. At any rate both the Dismounted and Mounted versions of the Royal Guard would have access to the same upgrades (except for upgrade X and the possible Horsie upgrade obviously).

*If this idea is impossible or cannot be taken, a dismounted version of the Royal Guards could just be made into a new unit (Meduseld Guard?) :p

2) I like the Peasants as they are now, though I'd like to hear what the other people have to say. Don't remove them though, they're quite useful as they are for the following reasons:
- They're relatively cheap, easy-to-obtain infantry (they can be trained from any farm!). While not really combat useful initially, Draft makes them decent at least.
- Because they can be trained at any farm, they don't require the player to build large amounts of military structures (which cost resources) to produce them en masse quickly. So if you need a bunch of them for an early game rush or for an emergency defence or you want more infantry to supplement your army, you can just train them from every farm (heck 1 would even be enough if you had lots of farms) you have and gather them together.
-They are the only "Good" units in the game ("Evil" has Orc Labourers) capable of repairing structures. Sure, buildings can auto-repair, but if I'm for some reason short on resources/cash or I just don't want to use any for rebuilding or the auto-repair is just too slow, I can just use my Peasants.

* If there must be a change, you could always remove the Peasants' "Forged Blades" and/or Heavy Armour upgrades, which I am not sure about. Perhaps Draft could make them as combat useful as un-upgraded Helmingas?
* You could also make them free or cost only 50 resources, to have them act as early map control.

3) Westmark Units:

- Remain as Westmark's (and hence Rohan's) 'supplementary well-balanced basic melee infantry'. Let them keep their large assortment of weapons that they had previously (Swords, Axes, Spears) so they can hold their own against both infantry and cavalry (this refers to their long defence of the Gap of Rohan against incursions from both Dunlendish horsemen and foot-soldiers).
- Better combat attributes than Peasants.
- Give them shields when the Heavy Armour upgrade is purchased, alongside the visual change to their mail.
- Allow Helmingas to throw spears and/or stones when garrisoning Battle Towers and/or Ruined Towers (as with archers firing arrows). It seems more realistic than them throwing unlimited spears out in the open, as one could imagine that the towers have barrels of spears and small piles of stones stocked in them for use in defence (as shown in the Hornburg). Perhaps this could also apply to Peasants.

*Allow the Helmingas to be trainable at a Rohan Barracks after an upgrade from the Westmark mini-faction building perhaps?

Helm's Shields
-Remain as Westmark's elite heavy attack melee infantry. Roles of Helm's Shields and Royal Guard will not actually overlap, if the ideas for the dismounted Royal Guard is taken into account, as Helm's Shields are primarily for assault purposes and have poorer defensive attributes in defence than their Edoras counterparts (due to their distinct lack of shields).
-One could possibly join a battalion of Helm's Shields with Edoras Royal Guards to form a formidable company. With the dismounted Royal Guards soaking up the defence and having the HS crash their war-hammers/war-picks down on the enemies' heads.

-Keep them. These are the only Rohirric (as in not Elvish) units specialising in ranged combat, and also mountain combat.
-As their main purpose (lore-wise) is to scale the cliffs and crags of Thrihyrne to keep watch on the valleys and plains below (including the Gap of Rohan), they are portrayed as excellent mountaineers. So let them have the ability to Scale Walls similar to the Mirkwood Thirrad).
-Make them good detector units, more able to see "stealthy" infantry units hiding among trees better than other units.
-Increase their Accuracy attribute far above the other Rohirric ranged units, but lower than that of the Lorien units'. Keep the Fastweards cheaper than even Lorien's Marchwardens (their most "basic" unit).
-Keep their trap laying ability, whether they immobilise, slow or damage enemy units. Useful for chokepoints, openings or passes. Has good potential to be used in concert with Lorien Marchwardens' "Lure" ability.
-No heavy armour upgrade as it would make climbing cumbersome and the clank of chain would draw attention to them, armour remains leather. Perhaps allow down to have a "stealth but immobilise" ability similar to Elven Cloak?
-No banner when "Banner" upgrade is purchased, instead there is a "Captain" unit similar to the Ithilien Rangers and Mirkwood stealthy units. Who brings a banner up into the mountains anyway?

- Keep them. Only Rohirric versatile tunnel combat specials.
-Lore-wise they guard the passages and tunnels behind the Hornburg, acting as messengers, scouts and sentinels of the Glittering Caves. Excel in combat in tightly confined spaces and knowledgable in the structure and use of tunnels for both defence and siege.
- Give them the ability to 'Stalk', that is to stealthily move around the battlefield for a period of time. Enemy units cannot detect them until they are really near or until the Dern-deepers attack them. Slightly slower in movement speed when using Stalk ability.
- No heavy armour upgrade for the same reasons as the Fastweards, which makes them agile and fleet of foot. Make them very light infantry capable of keeping up with even cavalry units (faster than other Rohirric infantry units, perhaps equal to Elven ones?). Comparably high melee 'armour' (but weak hp) because they dodge, weak to ranged attacks. Useful as fast anti-pike units.
- Knowledge of foundations and tunnels allow Dern-deepers to quickly assess enemy fortifications for weaknesses and erect temporary shafts underneath enemy constructs and collapse them, granting the Dern-deepers with the "Undermine/Sabotage" ability, which (in game) is portrayed as a powerful medium-duration-recharge close-quarters "attack" that damages enemy walls and/or buildings. Making them a faster and cheaper siege alternative to Fangorn mini-faction units. Combined with 'Stalk', Dern-deepers could just creep up on enemy bases, and Undermine/Sabotage their Walls/Gates. Could even be used in conjunction with the Rohan Battering Ram to draw enemy attention away from it or to supplement the Ram's destructive capabillity.
-Similar to Fastweards when purchasing Banner upgrades (no actual "Banner", gains "Captain")

In Topic: Rohan

27 April 2008 - 12:32 PM

Alternate proposal: We could have the horse archers change to melee weapons when enemy melee units attack them up close (like the vanilla BFME Ithilien Rangers), so they wouldn't necessarily have a toggle, but still be realistic (they don't shoot point blank).

In Topic: Rohan

26 April 2008 - 03:45 PM

Normal Rohirrim get their melee weapons...
and Horse Archers can Draw swords... that way its not like a single cavalry unit for everything...
You could even, if you like... divide Rohan Cavalry into 3 different classes

The Weakest Cavalry:
(name? Plainsmen?)
misc. close range weapons such as axes and swords, upgradeable with shields and forged blades... lightest Rohan cavalry....

Riders of Rohan
Come with close range weapons and spear and can toggle them... upgradeable with shields, forged blades and heavy armor... heaviest cavalry with significantly more HPs than other types... can easily slay legions of orcs...

Rohan Outriders
Come with Bow and Close Range weapons... upgradeable with heavy armor, forged blades, but not fire arrows (you try carrying fire on a horse... plus it makes them the ultimate bomb squad in the vanilla version)... light HPs again like the light cav... but capable of arching guys to make them roughly equivalent... since they have no shield their not invincible... but they can still handle orc fodder in h2h

That doesn't seem like a bad idea.
The first class would represent the irregular éoreds of all able-bodied men with horses assembled during a Full Muster of Rohan. The second would represent the Household Guards and full-time éoreds of the Marshals of Rohan. The third would represent its scouts and the small companies of horse archers each éored has.