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Mini-Image issue. please help me!

30 April 2014 - 06:54 PM

wasnt sure exactually where to post this, sorry if its in the wrong spot!


im having a lot of difficulty with the mini-image. i have the mdf, and mds in a folder in with my BFME2 folder, and have mounted the mds using daemon tools. when i launch the game i still get the error saying i need a CD. when i use pr0t.st0p v1.0 when i go to hide it, it says "nothing to hide!". ive been at this for like 6-8 hours as im  completely new to this type of stuff, and i had to learn it all my self.I used a crack to play before but now i want to play online. this is my all-time favorite game, and im trying to help my friends get this as well to support the server, and im desperate to get this to work. thank you ahead of time for any help, and a swift reply is greatly appreciated.


EDIT: I am using 64-bit Windows Vista.


also, your work on this game is greatly appreciated by me personally, as i love this game and glad to see a strong community willing to help it.


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