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#927075 chitterzoki needs help

Posted by Apollo on 23 July 2013 - 04:46 AM

I think everyone lost interest by now. Fact of the matter is, if that is your skill set, your mod is dead when anyone else leaves if you even get some guys onboard and you as mod leader are hopeless to keep it alive then.


#915998 Spawn infantry or vehicle

Posted by Apollo on 08 March 2013 - 07:26 AM

I did not say trial and error was only way but it plays big part in learning from mistakes and widening comprehension of underlying core, rest is reading the damned INI just like reading that god damned school book and its conveniently in ENGLISH, not any gibberish but still you struggle in basics comprehension...




As far get lost, you may as well do so as you like waste anyone's time with your constant struggle to get anything done, any teacher would be rolling his eyes at you to decide if he/she gives passing mark out of pity.


For the record, Immortal_Pie here is relatively new guy and has done far better gotten started than you ever will and hasn't for once run a flooding of forum for every step of the way, admirable self dedication and worthy of mutual knowledge share as likely he can share on his own research too than just be leech and theend333 you are nothing but a knowledge leech and will do nothing to enrich our community with that mindset of yours and we want no part of it.


I'm veteran from times since 2000 when game came out, I self taught myself most things and english is not even my natural language so if I could do it, so could YOU and for the record, I despise people like you wanting easy roads, you learn nothing and also contribute nothing this way and I'm done with you, good luck modding, I sure won't help you and you can't give me or anyone else any good reason to other than pity maybe.

#915905 Spawn infantry or vehicle

Posted by Apollo on 06 March 2013 - 06:50 PM

Life is never as simple as you would like it to be nor is this and in no way is it a excuse not to try yourself. By your logic, when you were in school you asked classmates for all the answers to equations asked by teacher than spend time to formulate the answer yourself to understand the process. If you got asked by teacher, well mr. theend333, how did you reach this final value, can you explain the process... your like umm...I forgot or whatever excuse you make up.


If everyone was like you, there would be no better modders than you and you'd have no one wiser to ask from and would either quit or figure it out yourself.

How do you think most of us learned? trial and error thats how plus the fact most of it is in clear english and fairly descriptive makes it even easier and on top of that, there is the tutorial forum explaining many of the basic things and some advanced things but by all signs, you read none and rather like asking.


Okay you don't wanna waste 20 minutes to try it yourself and you prefer everyone else to spend their time on you to give you answer? While they could have spent it doing something else, this world doesn't run on charity and good will... not to mention you make the assumption you get answer always quick while this is unreliable route and not always are the answers correct as some answer by random guesses than hardcore facts. Was this ordinary forum, you'd have been massively flamed by now for being borderline incompetent and lazy for showing such lack of effort.


It is not our job to spoon feed you every step of the way, you are being helped by newer people that still have patience to help while old vets wouldn't bother going to any detail for obvious reason.


In the end, its all up to you, you either actually learn how the game works and work far faster than depend on answers here or you will always be at mercy of others, your choice.