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12 February 2006 - 05:04 PM

Hey guys, I want to announce that AoEVillage is leaving Revora. You wonder why?

First off all, this has nothing to do with Revora lol, Revora is very cool :rolleyes:. This is because I have no time for Age Of Empires III anymore because I am starting my own network: RPGVillage. My site will fuse with a AoE3 network, a second admin will join so the site stays alive. I will focus my time in my network.

It was cool here, even though I didnt do well for the network, I still enjoyed it being a member of a big network. I also had alot of fun on the forums.

Good luck to you all!

merging the forum

24 January 2006 - 11:47 PM

Hey I see the forum upgrade is done, gj. Im looking forward to the revolution. The news system is awesome. Who is going to do the merging of the forums? I have a mysql database from Invision 1.3. I hope it is possible...

BTW I like the new forum options, its a usefull update.

Guild Wars anyone?

04 December 2005 - 02:55 PM

Any Guild Wars players here?

What do you think of it anyway? I just started playing it and so far it is nice, but hard to understand because there is no tutorial and stuff. Maybe we can get together and trade stuff or organize party wars! Whats your character name?

Hey guys!

11 November 2005 - 07:47 AM

... and girls, I am a new forum member, and I am also the newest admin on the revora network and I would like to say hello. I will be leading the Age Of Empires III website for the network which is called AoE Village, so if you have any questions about AoE, just ask me :blush:. I hope there are alot of AoE players around here, because I have some awesome ideas for the future. BTW the forums here are really cool, no spam and stuff :blush: much better than the average network forums.