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Fundraiser: MaryJo needs your help to GTFO of Venezuela

23 November 2017 - 02:52 PM

Before I post this, I'd like to thank Phil for allowing me to post this and I hope this doesn't attract some sort of heated debate as I only post this out of dire need.
What happened?
As you may know, Venezuela has been going through a horrendous Political instability due to mismanagement of oil industry and all around corruption which has led us to the highest inflation rate ever, only coupled with crime rate (I myself got stabbed a few months ago to get robbed in broad daylight) and shortages in food.
A few friends attempted to get me into the US by legal means but rocky relationships between both countries which can all be blamed by the government on this side of the map made it impossible. Visa appointments stopped over here by the US government which prevented the most important piece of document from being delivered to me and our government here continues to make it more difficult to leave.
I cannot enter the US legally and so my plan is to redirect my attention and destination to Colombia, which is hours from here. I already have my passport and my border pass.
What is the plan?
My plan is to travel to Medellin, rent and food is relatively cheap and there is a good job market. I worked as an English tutor and so getting a job there is a more realistic opportunity than working here for less than 9$ a month. Colombia has made it easier for us Venezuelans to immigrate so I want to take that chance and change my life for the better.
There have been days where I’ve been unable to provide food for my own mother and that makes me feel like garbage; it's something I want to change
What is the budget?
For the whole travel, housing and food I need approximately another 800$ to complete the journey. That is more than enough to support myself for a couple of months until I can get myself a job and start getting back on my feet and help my family.
Due to issues about Gofundme or other systems, plus our government attempting to seize control of any transaction regarding US dollars, or even arresting individuals dealing in said currency, PayPal and Amazon Giftcards can and are the only way in which a donation can be accepted.
Why Amazon and PayPal?
They are untraceable by the goverment and present little risk of me being arrested.
For Amazon GC the email is:

For PayPal:

I can post Proof of purchases for this trip because I can understand not using a site like that can be tricky, thank you everyone
Current Progress: 152,53$ ====> 800$