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#1093062 A New AOTR Submod

Posted by beegnyss on 07 November 2018 - 01:02 AM



Here is a document link to my write up for the faction plans etc.


Below is what I have thus far. As you can see it got a slight bit more ambitious.


This mod aims to add Arnor and Angmar as factions and later subfactions for existing ones, add new textures for Vanilla buildings, and add some other things such as new objects, balancing, and change all possible veterancy levels.


Each faction will have a plan here, as well as a log for progress.


Note that all are currently WIP.


Arnor and Rivendell will be a new faction, called “Eriador”, and the Arnor units will replace the Dunedain rangers that can use different weapons.

In the new Eriador faction, Arnor will have the only siege for the faction, as Rivendell likely wouldn’t have siege weapons.


Angmar will be Part of Misty Mountains, and they will be renamed to either Angmar or Northern Evils. Angmar heroes will replace some of the Misty mountains heroes, but I will only use canon Angmar characters. Angmar will replace the Gundabad orcs, who will be nerfed heavily and will replace the Moria goblins.


Gondor will be the same, other than that their buildings will be slightly stronger (minimal margins-ie 3-10 percent stronger), as will their Anorien soldiers (to reflect that Gondor had not declined as much in the second age). However, their fiefdom units will also take a slight nerf in armor- they will not be able to receive the Armaments of the White City. They will still be able to get forged blades. Dol Amroth will be the same, though their mounted knights will be more powerful and restricted to 5. Imrahil will be renamed and altered slightly. He will be renamed to his second age descendant, who I have forgotten their name.

Heroes will change, and they will only have Earnur, Anarion, and a few others (this will be updated).


Lothlorien will be the same. Mordor will be the same, and Isengard will be as well, despite the fact that Isengard (as a faction) didn’t exist in the second age. (Isengard may be replaced by Angmar). Erebor will be the same, other than that it will be renamed to Moria.


All will receive slight balance changes. The balance will shift slightly, with some factions “switching places” in a way with other factions.

#1091529 A New AOTR Submod

Posted by beegnyss on 03 October 2018 - 03:54 AM

So far the only suggestions I have are Arnor and/or Angmar, which i am thinking of adding as summonable buildings such as the Dol Amroth Citadel for either Rivendell(as gondor already has Dol Amroth) and for Misty Mountains (which may be renamed to Northern Evils, as I may add more forces to it). i know i am getting better textures for vanilla buildings such as well as adding some new terrains, and unfortunately my modeling skills are basically just me messing with 3ds for the last few days, so units and structures will be in quite a while