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Just a dream...

09 February 2008 - 09:41 PM

Hi everyone

I've been wondering for quite a long time what the BfME-modding world would look like if all modders shared all their stuff with each other and
put it all together in sort of a great "pot" where everyone can get what he needs to bring his dreams to life :) .
This idea may seem a bit revolutionary, but that's exactly what it should be ;).

I know there are some generous personalities in the community yet who leave some of their stuff to others and I do truly esteem that - but just imagine:
if really everybody (or let's say nearly everybody) offered his work and maybe uploaded it on a special website, we could establish kind of a "Middle-Earth-archive" and mods could release much faster ;) .
It's certainly clear that modding culture lives on competition, but to my mind it's really a waste of time when e.g. every mod creates it's own Rohan royal guard model while there are already about 20 existing models of that kind which are more than perfect. Furthermore I'm sure there will ALWAYS be a new unit, a new hero or anything to do so don't worry there will never be lack of work ;).
And please don't think I'm just a lazy modder (ok maybe a bit ;)), but sometimes it really bugs me that there's still so much work to do although many others have done all this already.
It's as well sad to see amazing and talented modders who can never finish their mod because it simply takes too long.

Of course there might be some nasty guys trying to abuse it, but honestly:

It won't hurt anyone when there are more high quality mods around ;) . Moreover it just needs several rules on the website to prevent it from abuse
(e.g. only people who uploaded something can also download other stuff) and someone who supervises everything.

The idea has been developing in my head for a long time as I said and I thought why not come out with it now :ohmy: - I hope I could elate at least some of you - please tell me what do you think about all that.
I know it would be quite a profound change and we're all modding for honor and reputation,
but isn't it enough appreciation to work just to make someone else happy by sharing with him ? (damn you know what I mean ;))
I think it's really worth thinking about it.
Therefore I believe if it really becomes a large "movement" we could probably achieve a great progress of BfME-modding.

PS: Dont know whether this is the ideal forum for this, just thought it fits here best although it also refers to BfME 1