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Ardent Seas, Naval RTS a la Homeworld

12 January 2015 - 10:17 PM

Ardent Seas is a real time strategy game focusing primarily on Naval combat. The game takes place on an alter-Earth, called Tenorra, an Earth-like planet that is larger and has a bigger Ocean coverage than Earth. The gameplay focuses on the acquisition of Metals and Hydrocarbons, and the destruction of the enemy Command Ship.

Ardent Seas takes place on the planet of Tenorra, colonized centuries ago, and recovering from a dark age. The leading powers in the world are Tenorran Defense Navy, the Naval branch of the Tenorran Defense Union, and the Coalition Navy, part of Coalition of Populist Socialist Nations - CPSN - which are in a cold war-like situation with eachother, with occasional battles happening near their borders. The Tenorran Defense Union is named after the planet itself – Tenorra, which is intended to mean „Not really Earth“, it is a Union of several highly advanced states across 3 continents, and in many regards similar to both the EU and the USA. The CPSN is a loose coalition of countries in the two southern continents, and are on a technological level comparable to the early 1990s, but with flatscreens and smartphones, with very powerful industries – in some ways comparable to present day China.

Tenorra is under siege by an Armada of Drones, the purpose of which is the total destruction of any civilization they find, set upon the Galaxy as a final act of retribution against a rivaling civilization they were losing against.

The player is represented by and starts with a single unit, the Flagship, the ultimate goal of the game is the destruction of all enemy Flagships. A player automatically loses if his Flagship is destroyed.The game features two primary and three secondary resources. The primary resources are Metal and Hydrocarbons, these are later converted into Construction Materials, Ammunition, and Fuel. Ships require Construction Materials to be built, and Ammunition and Fuel to operate.

Ardent Seas will feature a single player campaign, an original soundtrack, three unique factions each with over 20 units, large and diverse maps, with high tactical depth, customizable units and various gameplay modes.

ScreenShot02.jpg ScreenShot01.jpg

And some early gameplay: