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what happened

11 July 2004 - 03:53 PM


I wandered what happened last day, the complete netwerk was down. For a moment it seemed that the servers had been removed from the face of the earth.
I hope it isnt a bad thing that effects future statement of the network.
i got some pictures to make everybody happy again:

Posted Image
Posted Image

enjoy :mellow:

kind regards,

uruk-hai + tgtw team

irritating posts.....

01 June 2004 - 12:47 PM

Well i was searchin the net for WWI mods and i fond yours, whih looks pretty good, and then i fond this otther mod! it looks GREAT :w00t0: ! Its called The GREAT War :w00t0: !
There models kick your asses, no offence. Maybe you should consider joining there mod? Maybe you should merge, cause i see no contest here! i mean look at some of this!
<deleted images>

:) this mod!!
I say you merge with that mod! they look the best!!

Getting fed up with these kinda posts.... :urg:
can you check this guys ip and squires one, we had a kickass conversation yesterday (battle of the historicians) about tankgenerals (check our forum to read it, and laugh your ass of) and he may not be to happy with that so i suspect he has posted this....
Also he did this before under another name on the deezires forum.

thnx in advance,


ModdER hosting

15 May 2004 - 07:53 PM

great idea ;)2

C&C: Trench-Warfare looking for members

28 April 2004 - 03:16 PM


i've been watching this community for quite a while. Now I have put my creativity together and am creating a First World War mod for Zero Hour called Trench-Warfare. You may have seen it, while i'm still setting up a good website.
(And yes, i know there is another ww1 mod, which is actually a post-ww1 mod ('19-'20)
Ok, To the point know, We are in need of a team (moddeler) since i'm not able to model, mongoose is very busy on TFH and the others seemed to be disapeared.
Is there somebody, who's intrested in ww1, and capable of creating models, who'd like to help us creating our mod?

Please contact us:


or posting at the forum