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Truly Unique Gaming Experiences

10 April 2008 - 04:29 PM

Which games gave you these?
Stuff that was not just a cut above the rest, but either amazingly above the rest, or just plain new.
My examples are here:
COD 4 : Its involving story, great pacing, quick dieing, and the ability to shoot through walls we're just awesome, I wouldn't say its the best FPS, but the best I've played, and the one that has forwarded the genre most
Portal: Involving story, characters, gameplay mechanics and of course, humour, need no introduction
Assasins Creed: Major flaws, but a unique experience.
Spiderman 2(PS2): Truly awesome experience in terms of freedom
Oblivion: Scope, depth and potentiality made this game great

What are your thoughts?

Possible end to chapter two

01 April 2008 - 04:41 PM

I know this may seem an odd suggestion, but chapter one trailed on for too long, and i suggest that chapter two ends with someone explaining where we are going over the radio, and three begins with FZM or darkskulls explanation of the initial situation of our arrival.

If everyone agrees, where should we go?
I have heard tell about copamans store, is everyone ok with that?

So I done got myself an Xbox(360)

01 January 2008 - 08:48 PM

As the title implies, I've got myself an Xbox. With it I've ordered COD 4 and The Orange Box, and I am getting Halo 3 for free from a friend.
However, I have a little spare cash burning a hole in my pocket, and would like the advice of all the 1337 gamers here on Revora for advice on which games to buy.
Games I Have: COD 4
Halo 3
The Orange Box

Games I am considering buying: Oblivion(the elder scrolls or whatnot)
Dead Rising

Don't Mind Dying List

11 December 2007 - 05:15 PM

I'm am officially putting my character on the 'I don't mind him Dying List'.
Obviously i don't want my character to die, but i don't mind, if FZM or Darkskul(P.S. Are you both joint leaders?) wants to make this roleplay more gritty, realistic or bloody, then they can kill me off, I'll just make another(this is on the condition i can get straight back into the game).
If either of you want to kill me off, you are obviously free to do so in game, without warning, but if you want to send me a PM about how/why you want me to die, that'd be great, so I can describe it in cool detail that'd be awesome.
Possible ways you could do this:
Flip a coin/roll a dice/use another probability function, each week, to determine if the characters on this list should die(for each character). This would be usefull if you want to add to the fear of the situation.
A possible variant would be to adjust the probability according to what is happening, and roll it whenever there is severe danger. therefore, if we were surrounded, you could say 'if i get an even number this dice roll, he dies, I'll let him choose how'. However, there could also be a situation where it is very unlikely i would die, ie, me versus three zombies. That way you could roll three dice, and if they all come up 1 I die. this will be good for keeping me on my toes, giving me a difficult choice between helping out my freinds, and having high chance of dying, or being cowardly.
Another way could be for advancement of the story, or to keep players on their toes, kill me off in a relativity normal situation, such as a small pack of sprinters chasing me in a car. This could add to the high casualties feel of the story.
If anyone else is insane enough to want to put their character's lives in the hands of two madmen, then I'd appreciate not being left alone.

Help Me! Backspace is not working

08 December 2007 - 11:24 PM

As above.
It does not work on any programs at all.

Edit: SORRY, just realised I used a backspace in that post :$
Revora is like the river ganges for faults.