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In Topic: ra3_1.12.game - Application Error

04 September 2020 - 11:47 PM

Did you by any chance apply the 1.12 patch to the game manually?

If you did, don't do that; the game is already patched to the latest version if you get it from Steam.


If that's not the case, go into your Data folder and ensure that ra3_1.12.game is in fact in that directory.

In Topic: RA3 ca public key patching routine failed

02 September 2020 - 12:05 AM

Hi having the same problem running windows 10



Same issue here


EDIT: Reinstalled C&C Online and added it to exceptions for Windows Defender. It now does not show any errors, it hangs a bit, then the game starts loading (splash screen with RA logo), and then it disappears.

EDIT2: Ah no. Trying again, same error



Hi guys,


I am also having the same problems of RA3 ca public key patching routine failed. Tried to reinstall CNC Revora Online twice already, Restarted my computer but it is still showing me the same issue. My game is running from steam and it runs fine without Revora Online but I need it to play with my friends online

Please make your own threads concerning your issues. The OP's issue is considered solved, so this thread is likely to be deleted sometime soon/will be ignored. This is so that the forum is easier to manage for the moderators/admins, easier to prune whenever there are a lot of topics to cover that have already been solved, and it helps them keep track of who all exactly needs help overall instead of trying to figure out who all needs help by reading through a huge thread.


Thank you.

In Topic: статус сервера оффлайн

01 September 2020 - 11:47 PM

It's a bug on the site; there's a security certificate that needs to be renewed that's preventing the data from being updated. Thank you, though!  :thumbsuphappy:

In Topic: Problem with CNConline installation

01 September 2020 - 11:41 PM

Here ya go; just run it and it should add the keys automatically. Then try running the installer again and see if it's still complaining about the keys or not.

In Topic: Problem with CNConline installation

01 September 2020 - 09:35 PM

That sometimes happens to people when their registry permissions aren't set correctly. C&C:Online adds in "debugger" keys in order to hook into your game and redirect all of the network activity to our servers instead of the now-defunct GameSpy ones.


You may need to add the registry keys in manually in order for the C&C:Online launcher to install correctly; it tells you which keys are not being added correctly (like in your screenshot).


Just add in the keys yourself at the following locations in your registry that the installer is complaining about; if you would like a .reg file that does all of that automatically, let me know and I will provide one (some people are iffy about adding .reg files, so I always ask before forcing it on someone XD).


If you get write errors when trying to manually add the keys, then that means you need to gain ownership of that section of your registry, which you can Google how to do.