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[Crash] Elrond Council Mission

11 September 2019 - 10:07 PM

Hello, I've BMFE2 - RotWK since 3 days, fresh installation, patches and Age of The Rings 4 installed.

Everything works like a charm until the mission Elrond Council from the Lord of The rings campaign.


I've talked with all the heroes around the Fire, played their missions/story (Isildur, Boromir and Bilbo) but when the mission is asking me to move Frodo into the spotted area to leave the place, as soon as Frodo enter into the area the game crash and goes to Windows.


I've Windows 10 64bit and I didn't experience any other issue with this game (no other crash, no bug, etc) until now.


Anybody else have experienced such issue? Any suggestion that I can try to see if it works?