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Age of Men - BFME2 new huge mod

12 September 2006 - 03:35 PM

Hi everyone here. Since the release date BFME 2 has got a real lack on a really big mods (I mean not TC's). Also it has broken the original Lord of the Rings suspence atmosphere, a lot of factions you wanted to sea there weren't, not excellent balance and so on. So, I've working for 2 months to expand BFME 2 to at least to an unofficial expansion. And what it does? See here:

- Totally unique (as by the style and as by the gameplay) 3 new factions: Rohan, Harad and the Hobbits.
- New type of gameplay - Naval mode, turns standard BFME 2 on special maps into totally sea-warfare game with 99.99% battles in the sea! Featuring new dock system, trade routs, unique ships for each race and also unique race Ring Ship that will impress you just by its look!
- A great amount of new maps, some of the them absolutely first-seen in BFME skirmish and multiplayer: underground battles, sea maps and scripted team battles in legendary keeps and cities!
- 3 new campaigns will bring you back to Minast-Tirith, Black Gate, Helm's Deep and some new views. The Good, the Evil and the journey of Fellowship of the Ring.
- Dozens of new units for the old races. Each of them well-picked and balanced. Command & Click the Black Numenorean archers, Rhun War Chariots, Dunland Mounted Raiders and many-many more!
- New types of Create-a-Heros: Warg Chieftain, Goblin Shaman, Demon...
- Unique for each race the Ring Hero.

A lot of work has been done, but still much more has to be finished. I need your comments\ideas\flames, comrades to make it really fun and revolutionary :p

LaurEDIT: added the "mod noter"