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#1105721 MO 3.3 // Campaign, Cooperative & Challenge Discussion

Posted by Moonreaper666 on 17 January 2020 - 05:38 AM

I have to say, it isn't unusual for the Soviets to hold the idiot ball from time to time (both in the games and Real Life) but the three Act 2 missions after Juggernaut really just killed my enthusiam for the Soviets. I am glad that Yuri and the Soviets will kill each other because these Red-idiots deserve it

Why in reason's name didn't Russia and the Latin Confederation simply asked/demanded China share the Cyborgs and the technology to make them!?! (Conqueror states that Russia+LC did defeat China before Yuri killed Romanov)

-Upgraded Morales leading Legions of Cyborgs in an earlier invasion of Sweden, Luna and Russia would have changed things

-Soviets join Allies in invading Antartica, fully destroying Mental Omega, killing Yuri and preventing the Paradox Engine from being destroyed (Yuri is in Russia as bait so that the Soviets won't screw up Libra and Mental Omega)

On a similar note, regarding Cloning Technology:

-Why didn't the Allies attempt to steal Cloning Vats and make more of their own? (Only Foehn has less manpower than them at the start of Act 2)

-Why didn't the Latin Confederation reverse-engineer its Cloning Vats and share the tech with the Russians?

-Why doesn't Foehn have Cloning Vats when Scorpion Cell defected to them?

Other things:

-Soviet Commander should have made peace with American Rebels after Awake and Alive

-In Foehn Mission 2, the destruction of the Psychic Beacon should have the Chinese troops freed from mind-control join Yunru

-Foehn should have attempted to recruit the ROC rebels to their cause as well as the two Koreas and American rebels. Heck, maybe the Soviet Resistance in North America as well