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In Topic: Forces using abilities

14 July 2007 - 10:28 PM

Is it possible to have your own forces use their abilites by themselves if they are not under player control? Is it possible to make a mod work like that?

This is what happens with Cuttershanes Tactical Abilities mod, which was part of Heroes 2.0.
I will be releasing Tactics DC with D.O.W. Kingdom Mod which makes the mod work with DC and Inquisition.

In Topic: Interested in testing Heroes mod rework?

08 February 2007 - 02:47 AM

Im just starting to mess with making my own FX.
ive been checking out the ground aura fx and I think it might be a good route.

Im talking about the little circles on the ground for bonuses and for honor guard. It could be possible to make a fx ring that would go inside the honor guard ring (which fits inside the bonus ring). You could make a set of them that would fit together to denote different bonuses or levels. It wouldn't show percentages but you could have a few incremental versions.

As for glows and energy beams it would be cool to have a similar effect but race specialized. Chaos gets reddish/fiery, SM gets holy shine, necron green etc...

Ill take a stab at making something soon.

In Topic: Interested in testing Heroes mod rework?

06 February 2007 - 02:44 AM

if a squad entered a transport or bunker, it lost all of the effects that it had, because the game couldnt remember any effects on the squads once they had been removed from pla.

This is a problem whenever a squad is despawned and brought back I think. Tunnels have the same effect.

Im glad theres an effort going on to keep heroes rolling. One thing I think could use an overhaul is the FX of course. Some more subtle custom made FX instead of the normal FX could take away the confusion it causes. I play with FX off because of this, but I'd be interested in helping out in this regard if your interested.

Could be possible to have experience stored across maps in campaign mode?

In Topic: How to have an ALL AI battle + Super Fast Game Speed, etc.

06 February 2007 - 02:34 AM

Wow Thudo thanks! I think I've been missing out, relying on the relic forums for info.

You surely already know this but your script works with the campaign! This is a lifesaver for me as I'm testing settings for army strengths 11+ for my mod.