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09 March 2015 - 07:03 AM


*From what I have seen that's in the coding, the legionare's weapon vanishes w/e it kills, most if not all civ buildings leave rubble, base structures don't because if you have several buildings destroyed and rubble left there you may be left with no where to build your base, limitations in the game engine don't allow for rubble to me built over, would be cool if everything left rubble.*

- why can't I clean (destroy) ruins?*Game engine limitations*

I would love it, if
- everything would leave rubble
- if the rubble could be sold / harvested / vaporized

- why wouldn't destroy an nuclear bomb civilian buildings to the ashes?
*You mean the rubble left behind? Why doesn't it destroy it? Game engine limitations*

- why can't I clean a whole area?*Clean rubble?*

that should be fixed... I want to get rid of rubble

In MooMan65's Mod YR squared {cnet - cannis.net}, there was collectable debries, though animating it realy slowed down some slower machines because of the multiple debrie variants. It was released back in '08 i think.