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24 September 2020 - 05:51 PM


I've been following your guide and i cant seem to open any ebp files that ive god by converting whe to an ebp. The object editor keeps crashing

Do you have the .sgm file with the same same in the same folder? e.g. wraithlord.ebp and wraithlord.sgm should be in the same folder.

Also what is the file name your trying to open?


btw if you post in the thread you'll get a faster response, I don't log in every week.


I used the converter within 3ds max to get the ebp which solved the issue, this seems to be the case with most none optimized dow 2 models.  Right now I am trying to get textures to appear in object editor, my model is just purple.  Where does the editor locate it's textures for loaded models?