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In Topic: Can't start Kanes Wrath

21 January 2016 - 08:46 AM


now this game works on my x64 install
intel chipset management software no longer seems to be the cause

this did not work previosuly :(

but now I am happy :smile2ap: :smile2ap: :smile2ap:



in addition to previous measures
for x64 must install Kane's Wrath in a simple directory such as c:\KW

multilanguage installations make file paths very confusing, especially when there is program files (x86) - stupid software can not address it properly, thus spaces and long names confuse installers and patchers/


now I can play online in my x64 WIN7 before 2012 edition.

In Topic: Can't start Kanes Wrath

21 January 2016 - 08:41 AM

I had a similar problem, no matter what Kane's Wrath would not start,


"A required security module can not be activated. This program can not be executed. Error 8016" message appears

After a lot of research the problem turned out to be very exotic and messed up.

Many days and attempts later I got Kane's Wrath to work.

Here was my solution.

Gigabyte Z170 motherboard, updated bios to fix CPU microcode version F7g beta. This is intended to fix latest gen skylake processor issue with older games. Not only windows security update messes with DRM, but also skylake CPU can lead to very similar problem.


Installed ancient release of windows 7 32 bit, without any recent patches or updates. This z170 motherboard and skylake 6700k is so messed up, that USB/DVD install never worked for me, regardless of which drivers I provide for it. I used IMAGEX to unfold the windows install.wim image.

64 bit is supposedly messy, haven't got my 64bit install to work yet.

Finally, this was not enough, another issue with intel management inf, which manages storage and chipsets, such as SATA, ACHI, xCHI, etc. Some reports say there are CD/DVD issues with other recent video games, the cause is this storage management software. So as long as the system works without it, relying on default windows drivers, I did not install intel chipset utility.

Finally, you may need to manually install old directx 9.x components supplied on the original DVD to get the game working.

Short -
Pre 2012 WIN 7 32 bit new install

latest BIOS update for z170 skylake issue

Not installed intel storage management drivers

mandatory direct x9 components installation