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Gondor Faction Plan

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#61 Dawry

  • Project Team
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Posted 31 July 2018 - 11:30 AM

I think Gandalf's "Prepare for Battle" ability is not really proper as we usually get Old Wizard in late game, when you have prepared armies and rather than getting new units faster you would like to get some buffs for existing ones. Gandalf motivated Gondor soldiers to fight after they flee from the walls. Maybe some speed bonus in radius to get units to fighting place faster or (more fitting to Gondor) armor bonus and knockback resistance?

#62 The_Nazgul

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Posted 06 August 2018 - 04:56 AM

I Agree about Gandalf's new power and i don't see the use of it!
I know it is more fitting than the previous one -at least it's name- but the power itself is not actually useful! 
He is a late game hero and the power only effects a single structure!
How about this;
Rank 3: Prepare for Battle!
All allies around gandalf get 20% more movement and attack speed for a short time.
At rank 10 also heals them slightly.

#63 Thranduil_King

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Posted 08 August 2018 - 02:09 AM

Personally I think Gandalf the gray seems more powerful than the White, however, the last power that I do not know if it has the same impact or is different. But gandalf the gray has 1 more useful power than gandalf the white, i don't have much problem with this. A good power for gandalf would be...that he could generate a sphere of energy, that when gandalf walks it throws / pushes / crushes the enemies, like the one that can be seen in the combat of Gandalf vs The Necromancer

#64 NorthRanger

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Posted 24 August 2018 - 07:05 AM

I have a suggestion to change Gondor's spellbook.

Remove Cloudbreak spell and move Eagles to Tier 3, perhaps Gwahir and 3 eagles instead of 4 eagles to balance it out. Add a new 25pt spell along the lines of something like this:


For Frodo!


(Aragorn's black gate speech soundbite)


Temporary status effect

All Heroes and units gain +200% armour and +200% damage. Additionally all heroes and units are immune to fear, knockback, and trample.


Depending on balance this can be either global or area radius.

#65 OakenShield224

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Posted 28 September 2018 - 04:08 PM

Ideas for Imrahil's abilities:
Inspiration - all nearby allied troops earn double experience for 60 seconds.
Unscathed - for 30 seconds, Imrahil is immune to ranged damage. During this time, 50% of any melee damage dealt to Imrahil is reflected back at the attacker.
Preparations for War - target unit production building recruits fiefdoms troops with Heavy Armour and Forged Blades/Fire Arrows for 3 minutes.
Amroth for Gondor can stay.

Ideas for an ability for Forlong:
Splintering Axes - with each strike, Forlong reduces the armour of a target building by 10% for 10 seconds. Passive. The debuff can stack.

#66 The_Nazgul

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Posted 16 October 2018 - 08:33 AM

I have a suggestion for Gandalf the white's "Prepare For Battle!" ability
Gandalf is the symbol of hope and courage but since he already has a leadership and terror-fear immunity ability i came with a different idea for him!
Since he is a late game hero i've already mentioned that this ability needs a bit reworking, so i was thinking that if anybody can give an anti-debuff ability to nearby units it shoud be him!
This ability can be really useful specially when debuffing powers like "mist of lothlorien" or "freezing rain" are going.
Rank 3: Prepare For Battle!
Gandalf the White gives courage and hope to the hearth of his allies in times of needs against evil!
for a while (like 30 seconds) all nearby allies become invulnerable to all enemy debuffs and gain 10% more movement speed during that time. 

Edited by The_Nazgul, 16 October 2018 - 08:35 AM.

#67 OakenShield224

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Posted 01 November 2018 - 09:40 PM

Denethor - 1200
Rank 1: Gaze into the Palantir
Allows Denethor to rank up. 
Rank 1 to 3 - 300
Rank 3 to 6 - 300
Rank 6 to 10 – 300
Every time he does this, nearby troops gain experience but have reduced fear resistance and are slightly slower temporarily. Aragorn, Gandalf, Pippin and Faramir are slightly weakened. The amount that they are weakened by will increase with every rank up.
Rank 1: High Authority
Denethor perceives what happens in the minds of men and his will is still strong. All nearby heroes have increased ability cooldowns in Denethor’s presence (passive). 
Activate to command target units to flee for their lives (will affect allies too).
All nearby leaderships are temporarily cancelled in Denethor’s presence (will affect allies and enemies)
Rank 3: Guards of the Citadel
Permanently summons a battalion of Citadel Guards.
At rank 6, summons an additional battalion
At rank 10, summons an additional battalion
Rank 6: Service of the Steward
Denethor trusts those who serve only him in the war against Sauron. Target hero is appointed to do a task by Denethor. They gain +30% damage and armour but have reduced xp gain and all other allied heroes have -10% armour and damage for this time.
Rank 10: Fey Lord
If Denethor has less than 5% health, he lights a fire around himself before he dies (passive). Activate to grant him and his guards bonus damage, but they will be slowly damaged in this time.
Winds of the Sea/Winds of Hope (replacement for Denethor summon) - target troops have increased speed, while enemy leadership is cancelled in the area (if you go for the anti-leadership ability for Denethor, then this bonus could be changed).
The idea was from how a few characters noted how the wind was changing during the Siege of Gondor to come from the sea, which then allowed Aragorn to arrive in time and Sauron's clouds to be swept away.
Ambush (replacement for Arrow Volley in spellbook) - a trap is placed on the ground and is stealthed. If an enemy units steps on the trap, they will be slowed down/stunned for a few seconds, while rangers appear around them to fire at the trapped units.


#68 OakenShield224

  • Project Team
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Posted 03 November 2018 - 11:45 AM


Hands of the King - heals nearby allied heroes

Flame of the West – Aragorn temporarily gains additional damage and armour. Allied units in a small radius get increased damage and speed while enemy heroes lose armour (must stay in radius to keep the effect like a buff version of Elendil)

Days of the King – fiefdoms and Dol Amroth troops are permanently 10% cheaper. Nearby buildings have +10% armour while nearby farms have +10% production. Passive.
Activate to mount a horse.

Oaths Fulfilled – target unit is upgraded to its maximum level (will not work on heroic units). Can only be used on one unit at a time. Longish cooldown

Spirits of the Dead – sends an army of Oathbreakers at the target area, dealing damage to any enemies in its path and terrifying any survivors of the charge.


#69 Joscha55

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Posted 05 March 2019 - 10:22 PM

Hello Age of the Ring Team,

First off all i want to say thank you for doing a great job with this mod. I really like the gameplay,

your plans for the different factions and your models are by far the best i´ve seen in any

mod for this game.

I have one suggestion about the Lossanarch axeman. I´m a fan of versatility and therefore i

would find it boring to have a second Grim Hammer unit in Gondor.

I played the Games Workshop Tabletop game in the past and i remeber, that the axeman had

spikes on their axes and got the abillity to count as pikeman for one round, if the player wanted that.


That leads to my main question. Would it be possible to give them an active abillity which allows

them to count as pikeman for a short time (and maybe add spikes to the top of their axes)?


Keep up the nice work!

#70 Three Elven Rings

Three Elven Rings
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Posted 10 January 2020 - 09:06 AM

Citadel Guards


Gondor Barracks – 350

Rank 3: Recruit Citadel Guards – 1600 – Semi-Heroic infantry unit. Requires Denethor to In Service of the Steward power activated. Limited to 1 battlalion.

-Rank 1: Spear/Bow Toggle

-Rank 1: Personal Bodyguards

Pippin, Beregond, Denethor and King Elessar passively gain bonus damage around them.

Rank 4 Citadel Guards is able to summon a small Citadel Guard troop and the will protect a selected friendly hero for a short time.

-Rank 3: Guards of the Tower

Citadel Guards near Gondor towers (Gondor Battle Tower, Fortress Tower, Wall Tower) have increased vision, range, and damage. Rank 5 Citadel Guards near Gondor Siege Machines (Trebuchet, Fortress Trebuchet, Wall Trebuchet, Númenorean Engineering spellbook power Trebuchet) have increased vision, range, and damage.

-Rank 5: Númenórean Heritage

Númenórian garden that summons a garden of Mallorn tree, Laurinquë tree, Nisimaldar flowers and Athelas flowers. Nearby allied units become immune to fear and terror effects.

#71 Three Elven Rings

Three Elven Rings
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Posted 15 May 2020 - 09:38 PM

Fortress name à Citadel

White Tree Banners – Provides leadership to nearby units.
Boiling Oil
– Allows fortress to pour boiling oil on nearby enemies.
House of Healing – Heals units and heroes near the fortress. Reduces Hero revival cost and time by 20%. Unlocks the Fountain Guards in Gondor Well.
Flaming Munitions
Numenor Stonework – Increases the armor of the fortress.
Ivory Tower – Increases vision range of the Fortress, allows for the recruitment of Citadel Guards from the Fortress.


Citadel Guards – Heroic unit. Limited to 1 battlalion.

-Rank 1: Spear/Bow Toggle

-Rank 1: Personal Bodyguards

-Rank 3: Guards of the Tower

-Rank 5: Númenórean Heritage

Summons Statue of Anarion. Nearby allied units become immune to fear and terror effects.


Gondor Well
Heals and replenishes nearby units and heroes.

Rank 1: Fountain Guards


Fountain Guards

Semi-Heroic infantry unit, recruited from the Gondor Well after House of Healing is unlocked.

Rank 1: 'Faithful Guardian' 

Rank 3: 'Undying Hope' 

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