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Realistix Kapak Mod - Issues, Suggestions, Help

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Posted 04 October 2020 - 10:47 PM


The thuderfire canon who don't have animation

You mean the tracks? I know about that I just haven't figured out how to fix it yet.


and the terminator have a capacity call necron summoning for teleport themeselves to a necron building on the map


Again it was part of the Cinematic Battle Mod
I think it is actually a good idea from MoreArtillery because in the fluff Terminators need a teleportation beacon to teleport, they can't do it anywhere, as far as I know


 Exactly. I don't think its possible to change the summon icon and description for just the terminators, but maybe I can make a generic description will make sense for any race.


The chain fist upgrade have a buged description

Fixed in the next release.


For some reason the whaaag, faith and souls ressource are always prensent atthe same time wathever faction you play

Its a ui coding thing I don't know how to fix.


A little one is the wraith guard eldar don't have a weapon or a invisible one i supposed


Same on my version

Don't know how to fix this kind of graphic bug yet, but again it's "part" of the actual version of the cinematic battle I guess or maybe a bugg that came after but I always saw this bug so let's say that they have invisible weapons for now ^^



If a weapon is missing its because the 'name for this weapon choice' field is missing or incorrect. Under ebps>combat>hardpoints>weapon_table>weapon_01


 you should make the reinforcement quicker.

I made it 4x slower in combat because silly situations could occur where a squad would reinforce faster then they could be killed. And the ai can click reinforce instantly, so if artillery landed in a large group of guardsman and killed men in several squads, then they could be replaced within a few seconds, even before the arty could fire again! Take them out of combat and they'll reinforce faster.




A other weird stuff is that ther's no more 2 player maps
I removed them because I was tired of seeing the campaign maps, and because two player maps were unbalanced in my mod. (space marines could easly kill builders before they built defences) Also I wanted to put more focus on the community made maps I added. If you delete the map files with a size of 0KB they will reappear.



Thank you for all those informations!

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