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Important Details - (Little Help)

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Posted 06 July 2005 - 06:57 PM


Also this will be my first Mapping Guide, and its not really a Tutorial, but it contains most important details to give your map a feeling that it lives.


Always give your roads sidewalks in the areas where much people live, like towns and cities, this gives your map a more realistic touch.


You have the ability to add up to 3000 objects, so a few citizens which can die when bomb explodes is always nice to see of course, and again your map gets another realistic touch.


EALA Gave you about 70 sounds to play with, where to place what of course, you might wanna add some sounds of a market to a little market in your city, for every scenario there is a sound, and if theres not you can make them yourself, don't ask me how tough.

Different Ground Textures:

Did you ever see a map of EALA with only 1 texture... No right, you should use cliff textures for cliffs, a little bit of sand spots on a hill, stones/asphalt below a building, you always can find a good Texture, so don't worry about that.

Man Made objects and details:

Click on the Add Object, go to Civilian, then go to MAN_MADE_OBJECTS.
Here is the warehouse of Details to add to your map, Benches, Lamp Post everything to add detail, when you got this on your map it will look so realistic that it is mostly alot better.


How can a map be alive without trees, you probarly notice a map looks dead without trees... You should add some here, I recommend you placing them by hand and not with the tool except if you wanna make a forest... Also you should have a limit of 500 trees... unless you want the uber lag map.
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