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Phantom Porvidence

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Posted 15 April 2009 - 09:15 AM

We talking about like... what ZAFT would use AFTER the Destiny timeline? Then it'd have to be a gelgoog.

While the Cgue was Seed's gelgoog, it wasn't a total rip off like the other suits were, ZAKU, GOUF Ignited, DOM Trooper, etc etc

ZAFT already had a dom, but it was scrapped for the GOUF Ignited I think.

Also, there whole "naming" thingy is retarded.

Guardian OF Unity Forerunner, doesn't that mean that it should be before the ZAKU?

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Posted 23 May 2009 - 02:57 AM

Return of DLR! Though i see sykes and infinity are stil awol >_>

Not the Cgue, the Guaiz was seed's gelgoog. It was pretty good too, with a design that had no predecessor (as far as i can tell). Though you probably just mixed that up.

After 8 years, i finally get over the cheap ripping off and just take it as fanservice. Like how...eh...jupitris keeps showing up in all the series, there were zakus in turn A and gundam 0 is RX-78.

Btw, Dom was scrapped for the zaku, not the gouf. The design goes back much further than u think. ZAFT chose the zaku cuse it could use the wizard packs.
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Posted 21 June 2009 - 02:17 AM

i would like some opinions i was thinking of some names for zaft next gen. mass produced mobile suit
i came up with two names

Gelgoog Enforcer

GuAiZ G Enforcer

what do you kind people think?

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Posted 09 September 2009 - 10:02 AM

For those of you who are wonder what i was up to all this time this is a revised incomplete version of my gundam Vision. i would like to hear suggestion seeing if im doing any justice at all. and yes I'M of several error ,but please stay toon it's just a outline the real hell comes in dialogue and editing.

Gundam seed legacy: lost stories + Legacy X + Prophecy
By Zexion01 AKA Sialore

(Lost Stories)Cosmic Era - -70~72
Summary- gives a brief summary of the Past and how it has affected Atlas.
Character background
Dalen Casvel - Father of Atlas De Mask and was assigned on the same team (Bradley’s unit) as well as Rau Le Creuset while they were reds. Dalen seemed to have died in battle of during the battle of Endymion Crater when his damaged Ginn was unable to escape the blast range of the Cyclops System. He made Rau make a promise with him if anything ever happen to him that he would keep an eye on Elucifer Casvel (Elucifer Later drop his name and adopted the name Atlas De Mask in its places) his only son who was around 13 at the time.
Marxist Karin- one of the other member of the Bradley team that was made up of Grin Bradley, Rau Le Creuset, and Dalen Casvel. Marxist has a daughter named Manna Karin. He is the only one that is still alive by C.E. 74 he was in charge of the operation Ragnarok space drop and died in battle at Heaven Base
Commander Grin Bradley-leader of the Bradley team he was one of the individuals recommended who give now Captain Le Creuset his promotion for his action at Battle of Yggdrasil. Bradley dies at the battle of Endymion Crater when his Laurasia class ship’s bridge was destroyed by a Moebius Zero when it crashed into the ship. Due to this crushing blow Rau was promoted to commander to fill the gap.
Rau Le Creuset- A highly skilled pilot of Zaft and was awarded Order of the Nebula for has action that made him famous in the battle Yggdrasil. He destroyed 37 mobile armors and six warships. He agreed to Dalen’s promise to look after his son in the event of anything happened to him. After all Dalen forced him to be his son’s god father, despite his disagreeing for the role. Shorty, after the battle of Endymion Crater he was to make good on that promise he took on the reasonability and took Atlas in; if nothing more than a kind gesture to a comrade for now. Rau decided to teach Atlas about the being a pilot for Zaft. Rau left a big impression on Elucifer and he was one of the main reasons he decide to change his name to Atlas De Mask. Rau later decide to train him in piloting mobile suits, and later enlist Atlas in to the Zaft Academy, along with Rey, but to Atlas’ dismay the two were assigned to different teams.
Atlas De Mask: The alias that Elucifer calms and with Rau’s help he will be ready to enter ZAFT
Earth Forces:
Kira Yamato: pilot of the GAT X105 Strike and later the ZGMF-X10A Freedom
Mu La Flaga: the man responsible for Damaging Dalen’s Ginn thrusters
Atlas Meets Gilbert Durandal and Rey Za Burrel for the first time:
Somewhere along in the war, Rau introduces Atlas to Gil and Rey; later on Rau dumped the reasonability of watching Atlas on to Gil, well he was on long term missions. This was a beginning of long relationship.

Theft of the Freedom:
Marcus Train- A faith member who was suppose to receive the Zgmf-X10A Freedom, only to find that it was stolen before he arrived to get it. He had to settle for a GuAIZ (commander type). He was very pissed off when his unit was disabled by the Suit he was meant to pilot. He would later appear in the Invisible Hand model ZGMF-X10T Liberty in C.E. 76
Battle of Jachin due:
Trace Mix- was a test pilot of one of the GuAIZ Experiment firearms types, his unit was shoot down by the Justice, he counted his blessing for surviving the encounter. It wouldn’t be several years later that he appears in the invisible hand model ZGMF-X09T Verity.
(Legacy X) C.E. 72~74
Summary- Atlas De Mask is now 16, a few months have passed since, the battle of Jachin due, being fatherless again, and he is later taken in by Gilbert Durandal during the aftermath. Atlas is living in Rau’s House still, but is rarely there; now being an on duty Zaft officer. Under the command and guidance of Command Marxist Karin; Atlas and the rest of the Karin Team was assigned to test out the new Legacy Gundams and the New ZGMF-X26A Stocker this prototype mobile suit was then given to Atlas on behalf of his outstanding piloting skills. A week or so later, agents of Phantom Pain infiltrated and stole the Legacy units and the Prototype Gundam called Legacy X that is armed with an N-Jammer canceller. The Karin team was order to recapture or destroy the mobile suits. Unknown to the event that lays in the future Atlas steps forward.
Atlas De Mask- Now 16 of age. This young red elite was given mobile suit training prior before joining Zaft by his former guardian and mentor Rau Le Creuset, his training with Rau also advanced his spatial awareness; this surprises Rau that he had such an ability. Due to this fact he is at time cold to other and but yet cooperative at the same time for that his commander give him a nickname Rau jr. He was assign the ZGMF- X26A Stocker armed with the prototype strike dragoons. Atlas was in the same academy class as Rey Za burrel whom he is on good terms with as well as Gilbert Durandal the man who took him in after Rau died in the final battle of the bloody Valentine War. He at times wears a mask similar to Rau’s in public. His physical description light to mid-brown hair with blonde highlights. Elucifer Casvel the man behind the name Atlas De Mask has quite the story behind him; his dad is a Coordinator Earth born well his mother is coordinator and one of the few ambassadors from Mars. When war broke out between plants and earth, she headed back to Mars with Elucifer’s twin sister Phoenix. His mom wanted Dalen and Elucifer to come with them, but Dalen felt that he need to be in the fight and reassured her that if anything did happen to him that Elucifer will be in good hands. After the first bloody valentine war he decided to join Zaft and through aside his name and assumes the name Atlas De Mask there are few people who know his real name one of them is Rey Za Burrel and another is Chairman Durandal which has been kept secret for his own safety because he is a modified Coordinator and son of well know ambassador form Mars. As far as his piloting skills are concern he’s on par with Rey. Atlas shares Rau’s feeling about humanity as a whole, but would never try to destroy the world due to that though. He would like to change the world for a better tomorrow. After he was given the rank of commander by Chairman Durandal
Cassidy Mori- Cassidy is a young and somewhat naive girl that Atlas wonder how she ever made into the reds. She constantly wants to prove to Atlas that she is about as skilled as he is. She also keeps a photo of him hidden in her room. It is assumed that she has a crush on Atlas everyone, but he knows it or so that is claims. She pilots a custom pink GuAIZ R that is armed with a dragoon pack similar to that of the Dreadnought, but relays on an A.I. to help control them. She also wonders why Atlas even wears a mask
Vergil Strain- the only Green on the Team he could easily make red, but hate the color he said that “Green looks better on me”. His mobile suit of chose is the GuAIZ R that is slightly more green that the others.
Commander Marxist Karin- Leader Karin Team that is made up of himself, Atlas, Cassidy and Vergil. When he is not on his Nazca class Destroyer he is out in his personal YFX-600R experiment firearms type. Despite his
Manna Karin- She is the daughter of Commander Karin, she join Zaft against her father wishes. He is very charismatic and was easy able to make it into the Red elite. She has developed a sort of interest in Atlas De Mask. She often disobeys her father saying that he can’t see the big picture like she can. This complies that she can sense the outcome of a battle and able to change the tide. She pilots a new just out of the factory Zaku Warrior. Her physical description is she has pink hair, violet eyes that have a cold frozen dark look to them. (She is base off of Haman Karn)
C.E 72 March, 10. Treaty signed by both side brought back a temporary peace, but there were still Conflicts with in the world, factories were still pumping out mobiles suits and continued to develop new more dangerous weapons in secret.
C.E. 72 November, 11. Atlas Joins Zaft:
Feeling that there’s nothing else better to do with his life that and the fact can’t get in contact with his mother and sister that are safely on Mars. Gilbert Durandal encourages Atlas and Rey to join Zaft; so the two young men did just that. That is when Atlas met Shinn Asuka, and the hawk sisters as well as the three people who he will be working with in the future; Cassidy, Vergil, and Manna. Rey wish Atlas luck on hopes of being on the same team, but to their dismay they were both assigned to different teams; Atlas deciding that was not a bad thing and told Rey to look at it as an opportunity. The two friends then parted ways saying that they will meet again.
C.E. 73 June, 24. The Team:
Now Atlas completed his training at Zaft Academy and made out as a “Red” and was assigned to the Karin Team; his commanding officer was none other than Marxist Karin. The member of the team Cassidy (Red), Vergil (Green), Manna (Red) and two other guys (Greens), Atlas thought to himself three “Reds” and three “Greens”. Atlas Found out that Manna was the commander’s daughter that came to him as a surprise. Each pilot was assigned a mobile suit, Atlas was hand pick by the Chairman himself to be the pilot of the secretly assembled ZGMF-X26S Stocker, Vergil and Cassidy was given a GuAIZ R while Manna got a new top of the line ZUKU warrior; they later customized their units to their taste.
C.E. 73 August, 12. Theft at Armory Three:
Shortly, after being assigned to Armory Three, a group of “Terrorists” (that are really members of Phantom Pain) stole four mobile suit that were thought were never made; Gundams based off of Legacy and Fate. And one of them was nuclear powered code-named Legacy X. several Teams were destroyed by them, till Team Karin Launched an assault that forced them back. The units unfortunately escaped the Armory Three despite team Karin’s efforts to stop them losing the one of two average Pilots in the crossfire; Atlas was able to damage two of the units, but to no avail the units escaped in a highly customize Agamemnon-class with Mirage Colloid. By the time Commander Karin got his Nazca-Class to launch the enemy had already escaped. They informed the PLANT Supreme Council or rather the Chairman himself; Durandal give orders to pursue the cloaked ship, well informed the council of this threat, and to get certain military bases on alert within the area. The ship in question was long gone so the only thing that they can do now is find a trail. (Note this is, but one of the reason that Durandal increased military force.) This incident was kept secret to the public. After the failed attempt they got orders to return to the home land at once.
C.E. 73 August, 29. Debriefing of Armory Three:
The Karin Team was debriefed on the incidents that happen on Armory Three. Because Durandal Knew Atlas and is abilities that made him stand as Rey’s equal, he influenced HQ to give orders to put the Karin Team in charge of the task force in charge of tracking down the stolen suits. Three other teams will be joining them. The team was given a day off till departure. Atlas decided to get a “Cutch-up chat” with Gil, if he’s available that is. On his way, Cassidy “bumped” into him and ask he’d go shopping with her. Atlas declined the offer “I would, but unfortunately my schedule is booked.” Replied Atlas, Cassidy responded disappointed “Aw, that’s too bad.” look at his masked face she asked “What you doing that’s so important then?” she had a look of curiosity on her face; he knew that she wouldn’t leave till he gave an answer. Atlas signed “I’m just going to visit with so friends of mine;” he shrugged “does that satisfy you?” she then bounced with hype “You wouldn’t be talking about Rey or the chairman now would you, hmm?” Atlas thought with a slight smile on his face to himself persistent little… “Yeah, I got so mail from Chairmen Durandal that Rey is stationed here and will be transferred to Armory One tomorrow, so I thought I should at least stop and say hi.” Cassidy give up “Well I would join you, but you now I can’t stand that Shinn Asuka.” Atlas with grin “heh that makes two of us” Atlas then gives her farewell walked away. Cassidy just stood there for a moment then through a fit shout silently; her face all puffed up and embarrassed “Ohh! Why does he always run off like that when I try to go on a date with that!” a voice from behind “Trouble in paradise?” with a shock look on her face, Cassidy turned “Ah, M-Manna how long have you been stand there?” with a devious grin Manna replied “Long enough.”, meanwhile Atlas made it to barrack that Rey and Company where staying at. He entered see Shinn first thing “Oh, great what are you doing here!?” Atlas simply said “Nice to see you too, fellow Red.” Shinn was wear is natural angry face. A blonde long haired young man appeared “Huh, Atlas what brings you here?” Atlas smiled “Ah, Rey just stop by to see how you are doing my friend,” Atlas took quick glance at Shinn and add “I heard that you guys are being transferred to Armory One.” Shinn mockingly said “Well, duh!” Atlas and Rey gave Shinn the “look” Atlas then said ”Well, any case I wanted to wish you guys luck, and Rey tell the rest of the team I said hi.” Rey polite and calm as usual said “Okay, take care Atlas.” Shinn ran off to work on finishing final preparation. As Atlas left Rey said “You know not to take Shinn comments too personal right?” Atlas laughs it off “Heh, I do feel for the guy, but I know he’s just difficult that way.” Rey just stared at Atlas’ back as he walks off.
C.E. September, 21. Path to another Legacy.

In C.E. 74 Atlas was promoted to Commander:
In C.E. 74 Atlas De Mask gets the mobile Suit that he requested from Chairman Durandal the ZGMF-X13S Phantom Providence made to in his liking. And was given command of what was Left of the Karin Team and renamed the De Mask Team. This was week before the invasion of Havens Base.
MS: under Zaft
YFX-600R GuAIZ (Marxist Kran custom) color gray
GuAIZ R (Mori Custom) the dreaded Pink
GuAIZ R (Strain custom) dark forest green
ZAKU (Manna custom) light gray with a side of black
Stocker (based off the dreadnought) has a light blue instead of white.
Phantom Providence (Atlas new suit) it’s white as a phantom.

(Gundam seed Prophecy) C.E. 76~
The Fangs of Eleven: Invisible Hands most elite operatives that are made of Highly Skilled Pilots that are from Zaft, Alliance or elsewhere.
King: the Fang of One, there is little known about this man, other than the fact that he the top gun of Fangs. The Mobile suit he pilots is the very ambitions Nu Strike.
Marcus Train: the Fang of Two, the reason for him joining Fangs is one of hate for the way Zaft has became over the years, and he holds a serious grudge towards Kira Yamato the Pilot of the Freedom. The mobile suit he pilots is the ZGMF-X10T Liberty.
Trace Mix: the Fang of Three, no one really knows why this guy decided to join Fangs, but he seems to have some alternator motives. The Mobile suit he pilots the ZGMF-X09T Verity.
Dash Jinee: the Fang of Four, he is believes to be insane, and thinks of killing as a hobby no one knows what fraction he is from, but no one even wants to known anyway, Atlas think that this guy is a extended gone wrong. The Suit he Pilots is Red Destiny.
Manna Karin- after her ordeal in the Second Bloody Valentine War she decides to join the Organization Invisible Hand. She is also a member of the fangs of eleven; her number is Fang five. The mobile suit she pilots is the Brawl Legend (the Remains of the ZGMF-X666S Legend rebuilt anew) that Atlas dragged out of Messiah before it exploded. She surprised that Atlas was among the member of the Fangs of Eleven, and become infatuated with him even more. She joined Fangs to obtain power to over the world to do that she need an army, she is only playing along with Invisible Hand’s operation till the time is right
Hector H. - An ex. Atlantic Federation Extended that somehow survived the war he is a member of the Fangs of Eleven his number is Fang of Six. He pilots the Brute Calamity which was an alternate prototype for the Destroy Gundam. He joined Fangs because it gave him purpose for living.
Atlas De Mask: Shortly before the Events that ended Second Bloody Valentine War Atlas De Mask was given secret orders from the Late Chairman Gilbert Durandal to look into an unnamed organization that was giving him and his destiny Plan lots of minor problems. His order where to make sure that the organization in question would not develop into a new LOGOS. Over time Atlas and what was left of his team infiltrated, his personality also changed to that similar of Rau’s due to the mental implants, but still kept to his mission. Under his new alias Atlas Le Creuset; he rose throughout the rank of Invisible Hand and joined a group of Elite Aces known as Fangs that were given chance for revenge for one reason or another. He is the Fang of Seven in the group. When it came apparent that he could not stop this Group His goals changed to using Invisible Hand and destroy them from within. He leaks information about shipping and operation plans to Zaft and other way around. To the point that a new wars starts between Former Atlantic federation factions that Invisible Hand are Backing and PLANTs who are also getting mobile suit for this organization. Atlas is still a member of Zaft and becomes acquainted with three certain pilots: Athrun Zala, Kira Yamato and Shinn Asuka. At times Atlas is forced to change masks on the battlefield. The give Invisible Hand the ZGMF-X666S Legend as a gift to enter the organization without question asked, along with Cassidy Mori.
Cassidy Mori- One of the few members left in Atlas’ Team. She Follows her Leader’s Orders, but starts to become warier of changes that have become of Atlas. She is the Fang of Eight and Pilots the ZGMF-X777S New Legend armed with the Dragoon system and the Beam Rifle Cerberus that has a tri-beam system that can be switch between machine gun mode and blast mode. Like Atlas she has no loyalty to Invisible Hand, and help leaks information about the Fractions to Zaft.
Chris Zen Graves: the Fang of Nine, apparently somehow had access to Al Da Flaga clones that were on the mentel colony, Chris just happens to be one of them. The suit he pilots is the Redemption.
Mike Novice: the Fang of Ten, a mobile armor pilot that has survived many battles
Luck O’Danny:

Enter Invisible Hand- a military organization that has taken over the job that LOGOS had; the selling of weapons and other supplies to whomever buying. This organization has many secrets as well as its existence. It’s just a rumor, but from Atlas heard that Invisible Hand came from Mars, but further report say that they came from Jupiter. There true objections are unknown. This group seems to be walking the path to carnage.
Earlier C.E. 76 The Sparking Flares:
Invisible Hand wanted to started a War between the Plants and Earth forces again, by creating and elevating the tensions between both sides by using their agents within the Fractions to cause havoc to each other side, to even send nuclear missiles firing at the plants making it look like that the alliance was behind it , to raiding Earth alliance’s Base with Zaft mobile suits, and even assassination missions. This continued to the point that each side is bent on destroying the other; although, Chairwomen Clyne assigned all Zaft Units to fight in defensive means only. Soon after word the Earth Forces launch an attack on the plants, while Invisible Hand watch from the side line as a military supplier for mobile suit to missiles.
Third Bloody Valentine War:
Another War just like Leaders of invisible hand wanted; as much as Atlas hated too he had to play the quadruple agent, doing so send some data regarding how this war started to Yzak Joule who is now the National Defense Committee Chair.
Battle of defense:
Battle of Carpentaria:
ZAFT vs. Fangs – Atlas-Phantom Providence and Fang two(Marcus Train-Liberty) Fang three(Trace Mix-Verity)Fang Four(Dash Jinee- Red Destiny) Fang nine(West Hex- Strike Noir MK II)- Fang six(hector H.-Brute Calamity), members of the Fang of Eleven faces off against Commander Kira Yamato and his Team along with the Zala Team lead by Athrun
Battle of Artormiss:
Was Attack By Invisible hands army and three Fangs’ pilots Fang Five (Manna Karin-Brawl Legend) Fang Eight (Cassidy Mori-New Legend Fang Ten (Mike Novice-Zero the Destroy)
ORB’s destruction- ORB was completely wipes out the face of the earth by the space station fortress LOGOS
C.E. 78 Battle of LOGOS:
Zaft, Alliance, and the remaining Orb forces assaulted Invisible Hands Fortress Base LOGOS. The remaining Fangs of Eleven were the defense commanders. Since Phantom Providence was still being repaired Atlas Launch in Invisible Hand ACE the ZGMF-X∞T Prophecy, which was annihilating the three factions till Atlas Fought against Kira, Athrun, and Shinn. After disabling the Justice and nearly destroying the True Destiny, the already damaged Freedom launch one last dispirit on The Prophecy after a long and draw out duel between the two unit, both badly damaged; Atlas was forced to eject from Prophecy. The Station LOGOS soon fell after the duel. Cassidy and Manna names were cleared after Atlas secretly, provide Intel say that they were the ones behind giving the key battle info to Zaft. As of Atlas De Mask no one knows what has become of him after the destruction of Prophecy thus mark M.I.A.
- this was the thought to be final attack against Invisible Hand and all the ace where there fighting each other the agents of IH vs. what is left of ZAFT the Earth forces and the last ORB Fleet lead by Cagalli Yula Athha. Kira Yamato Returns in the Unlimited Freedom, after several Fang Pilots fell in Battle the Leader of invisible hand command Atlas to use the ultimate Gundam Known as Prophecy with a new combat system that only Atlas Le Creuset Can handle, the Dragoon Physic system. With only four Fang (manna, Cassidy, Marcus, Trace) members left excluding him; then he remembered King the first member of the Fangs of Eleven and his mobile suit Hi Nu Strike he saw it fighting the Unlimited Freedom, just as the Liberty was coming to cover King, one of the four big super dragoons slammed into Marcus cockpit and exploded finishing the Fang Two, in the mean time Trace in his Verity was Fighting Athrun’s infinite justice + and Verity was soundly defeated; Athrun then proceed to helping Kira, Cassidy and Manna where fighting off against Shinn’s True Destiny and Lunamaria’s Destiny impulse. Atlas gets ready to launch the Prophecy, but decided to observe the battle instead of engaging for the moment; he thought Cassidy will be in the safe soon then the “Finale” will begin. Atlas laughs to himself saying “Please, don’t disappoint us Kira Yamato.” The battle between the Invisible Hand forces was going badly. Atlas Decided to cripple the earth alliance Fleet and flew of that way command his dragoon flyers to maw through the Ships and Deployed all of the dragoons on the flyers as well as the Mobile suit itself the Earth alliance Fleet was in pieces within a minute, trying his attention towards Orbs Fleet now disabling Cagalli’s Atksiki as if it was nothing Atlas Let her live only to show how powerless she was, with a brief attack with is dragoon units the fleet was in disarray. The scene changes back to the Legends and the Destinies the four units were no longer fighting, but the two Fang Pilots Rejoin Zaft and help out where needed clearing a path towards the station. Athrun headed to help cagalli who was cry of her worthiness. Atlas Thought now was the time that he has been waiting for to take down King and Kira. He revved himself only after firing his Dragoons upon his foes. King Took a lot of damage, well the freedom got out of the cross fire with minimal damage to his machine, but the battle with king did take its toll on the Freedom. King’s last words were “Damn you, Le Creuset!!!” and that was the end of the Fang one. Atlas: “Are you ready to fight me now…Commander Kira Yamato?” Kira shouted”Atlas, why are you doing this!?” Prophecy, then launch its Dragoons, while the Freedom Countered with destroying two of the Dragoon flyers, but at the cost of his last two Large Super Dragoons. Atlas Thought to himself this isn’t going to be a cake walk after all both Rau and Rey fell to this guy. Atlas:”If you haven’t already figured it out it was I who leak the information about Invisible Hand to Zaft, and thus my mission will soon be completed!” Kira: “Mission, what are you talking about!?” Atlas yells “What difference does it make talking about it now!!” destroying one of the Freedoms Beam rifles. Just as Atlas was moving in for the kill he felt a reaction and dodged the income beam attack from above.
Mobile suits:
ZGMF-X30T Unlimited Freedom- this mobile suit is the successor to the Strike Freedom
ZGMF-X10T Liberty- they often say that freedom comes in many variation Liberty is one of them. This suit the Liberty is armed with a new of beam deflection system and 2x beam rifles
ZGMF-X09T Verity-
ZGMF-X777T New Legend: New Legend is armed with a new form of Dragoons that can adapt to atmospheric conditions and the Beam Rifle Cerberus a tri-barrel version of the legend’s MA.
ZGMF-X666B Legend- rebuilt for the remains of the Legend that was stole just before the station exploded and reborn anew. This mobile suit was assigned to Manna Karin
ZGMF-X52T Red Destiny- copy of the destiny that was disabled in the Battle of Messiah and is given a blood red color theme of its own.
ZGMF-X∞T Prophecy (Dragoon Psycho System) - Said to be the last and mightiest Mobile Suit of C.E. Era to usher in a new world control by the might of invisible hand. Its armaments are fixed in to the arms two heat whips that can absorb or exude power from other power based system such as mobile suit and warships. This suit has 2x beam sabers long type fixed into its arms as with having an advance deflector system that can absorb beam energy for its own. Its beam rifles of choice are MA-M221 "Judicium" beam rifle and MA-BAR78F high-energy beam rifle. The most outstanding aspect on this suit Dragoon Psycho System as well as having flyer Dragoons. The Prophecy backpack is armed with 4 strike dragoons as well having 4 regular dragoons, which can rotate their firing position on the unit and two long dragoon type housed in the rear of the backpack, on the unit itself it has two regular types on each side and two long types in rear. Now the unit’s flyers each one of the four are armed with 1 Strike Dragoon and 4 Regular types and a twin beam canon as well as beam shield generator. This mobile suit was deployed in the final battle to defend the Space Station super weapon LOGOS.
Zero the Destroy- a giant mobile armor with heavy fire power.
Gfas-x01p Brute Calamity- the prototype for destroys Gundam. It is nearly three times the size of a normal mobile Suit.
ZGMF-602 GuAIZ G Enforcer: the GuAIZ is back and given a makeover that make it more effective in battle that surpass’ the Zaku and Gouf,
GAT- paladin- The newest Earth forces mobile suit that Invisible Hand created and secretly sent many of them to organizations that support war within the Atlantic Federation.
The Group Invisible hand appears, to over earth
(Aftermath) C.E.80~
Phoenix Harlet- She became one of the goodwill ambassadors for mars and Elucifer twin sister. She has not seen her dear brother since C.E. 68 when she and her mother decided to return to mars due to the nature of hesitates on Earth. She was able to live a nice life there now she is
Elucifer Casvel/Atlas De Mask- thought to have died in the fortress space LOGOS after his services with invisible hand when he dueled against Kira Yamato, Athrun Zala, and Shinn Asuka. Surviving only due to the fact his Phantom Providence was rebuilt and “calling” him to live on and escape the station before it exploded freeing him once and for all of his Le Creuset persona implants. He then head out to Mars because that was where he still had something to take care of and that was to protect his sister from the remnants of Invisible Hand to be noted that only three of the five member were killed.

Mobile suits
ZGMF-X13T Phantom Providence- The rebuilt Phantom Providence that Atlas was able to escape in final battle against Kira and company.



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