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M1A2 Abrams MBT

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Posted 10 May 2010 - 11:13 PM

The M1 Abrams tank has been updated time and time again since it first was created, now with the most formidable armour in the world,
The most technologically advanced. Although its main gun a 120mm Smoothbore isnt as powerful as other modern tanks,
the most powerful gun in the world is crap if it cant get through the toughest armour. When people say the Challenger, lepherd, T-90
are better then the abrams they froget that the Challenger is not as armoured as the Abrams, Lephard is just fast and has a 125mm gun,
T-90 is a nice looking tank with a powerful gun but not as much armour as the Abrams. The downfall of the Abrams is its a gas guzzler...
in invasions with large numbers of Abrams the enemy would wait until the Abrams passed by and then took out the Tankers that came
to refuel the Abrams, light armour made it an easy target. Armour should never operate without air support, they could be able to spot
ambush sites or if the Tanks need support on finding the enemy helicopters or fighter bombers could destroy the enemy positions. The Abrams would
win against all the challengers the british have because there is many more Abrams then challengers, lephards would be destroyed since they are not
as heavily armoured as other tanks of its class, the T-90's performance may be the same as The abrams if not slightly superior. The new chinese
Type 99 Claimed to have most armour, firepowerm and electronics but in the montage video the chinese army made you can see chunks of armour
flying in all directions from the anti tank weapons they were fireing at them. Most anti-tank weapons fired at Abrams, Challengers, T-90s,
would just bounce off causing little damage. Even if there is a tank that proves superior to the Abrams, no country will be able to mass produce
the quantity America could produce in time. For most countries it would be like making 2 tanks when america makes 5.
Apparently... more people die every year by donkeys, then in plane crashes. To avoid death by a donkey, avoid donkeys, to avoid death by plane crash, avoid plan crashes! simple.

M4 is a single/3 round burst gun, it did not serve its role as a compact assault rifle for close quarters, so they made much greatness that is now known as the m4a1 which is so great it has automatic fire, and with that greatness came spray n pray.

M16A4 single/burst very accurate, moderate power, in close quarters, fix a bayonet, cuz you aint gonna hit crap with it.

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