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Time of War

25 July 2007 - 04:00 PM

Hello all! :)
'Time of war' is the total conversion which have transfer of realistic warfare as its main goal. It will include European Union, Russia, USA, and maybe Iran as playable sides (we will try to make them so different in gameplay style as possible). Now we making a models of units, and have 25~30% of them almost done, but need a really talented skinner to work on it.
If you want to see some of these models, please visit our ModDB gallery: http://mods.moddb.co.../image-gallery/ that's not all, we have done much more.

If someone interested in project and want to help us with skinning, mapping or 2d-art, please contact me on MSN [havocstrike(at)hotmail.com] or ICQ [235699579], or write on my e-mail rotfront(at)bk.ru. :lol: