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In Topic: Command & Conquer 2142 General Discussion

01 April 2010 - 08:35 PM

nice march update!,the menu just looks to cnc3ish(.....)
keep up the good worh ;)

Thank you! ^^ yeah it does look quite cnc3ish still, but i think once i get around to replacing the old background with the bf2142 one, it'll look abit better XD

In Topic: Command & Conquer 2142 General Discussion

25 February 2010 - 01:18 AM

any news?

hey! sorry hahaha no news updates these two weeks or so.. i've been extremely busy lately, but i do have Helge129 working on walker animations in the meanwhile, so we're still making bits of progress I suppose ^^

In Topic: C&C3 and RA3 modding/mapping dead?

11 February 2010 - 06:26 AM

The way cnc4 is designed I doubt that it'll attract that many modders from the old cnc games... it's hardly worth the legacy of it's name in my opinion.

I totally agree with you. It really isn't worthy enough to be part of the CNC family. Seriously? No base building?!

In Topic: Minigun Black Hawk Transport issues

11 February 2010 - 06:21 AM

I'd like to include a Black Hawk similar to the one seen in the Tiberian Dawn FMV http://www.cnc-sourc...p...ge&img=6734

The Primary weapon will be the minigun & any troops that are being transported inside it will also ba able to fire from it:
1. Is it possible to have the helicopter appear like the Orca does when built, but once it takes off from the airfield, it no longer reserves a space? (preferred). Or have the helicopter appear from above like the Hammer head does in Kane's Wrath?
2. Has the main weapon will be firing from the side, I'd like the helicopter to attack targets with the minigun side-on (The Orca attacks head-on). How would I go about coding this?
3. The helicopter has to be able to land to pick up and drop off troops, is this possible on the Orca locomotor?
4.Would there be any issues with there being garrisoned weapons & the main (minigun) weapon conflicting? For example the garrisoned weapon being used instead of the minigun? (I'm mainly thinking about the side-on attack that the main weapon uses vs the all around attack of garrisoned weapons).

Hmm, based on my experience modding the air transports in my mod CNC2142, I can tell you the following - hope it helps:

1. Yup, but the way I did it with my air transports is that I chose the vox transport codes instead of the Orca. Simply make the adjustments you need to have the vox transport buildable from airfield, and you're set.. at least that's the way I did it.
2. To have your black hawk miniguns fire, you need to have it setup right from the basic 3d model level. When creating your model in 3ds max, make sure your minigun barrels are "parts" of their own (with their own pivot points and names). When you're done with modelling stage, migrate GDI's APC minigun weapon set codes to your air transport weapon set. Make sure you have the correct files references and minigun part names.
3. You can add transport ability to any vehicle with the garrison codes, also available from the APCs' set of codes. Just make sure you look carefully top to bottom of the codes in case you miss anything. But then again, if you do it the way I made my air transports (with the vox transport coding as base), you wont need to worry so much about migrating code parts. It's a pretty good move :rolleyes:
4. They won't conflict with each other as once you code the weapons in for your black hawk, they'll be enabled by default. They'll fire even if you dont have garrisoned troops inside. If you want to disable troops from using their primaries when onboard, the vehicle garrison codes have a section where you can hard-code this.

In Topic: Command & Conquer 2142 - massive update 1

11 February 2010 - 01:25 AM

Awesome update! Keep it up!

PS: I was wondering when you would update at the Guild, since you was just doing that at Moddb. :rolleyes:

hahaha, I want to wait till Massive update 2 :)