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Top 5 Shows of 2019

27 December 2019 - 01:25 AM

There are more streaming services than actual original shows at the moment, but I think I managed to sort through the humbug and spot the top ones.


5. The Mandalorian



It's already the most expensive show in the actual universe, so you would expect some appeal.  Disney is cashing in on the cute puppet trend, plus the obvious Star Wars nostalgia that they pried from Lucas' doughy fingers, and it works somehow.  "Is is just a spaghetti western in space?"  Yes, including the painful ring of obvious outlaw betrayals and escaping railroad executions every other scene.  But it's still good.  The final episode of the season hasn't come out at this point, but even without it, it's still one of the better shows of the year.



4. Watchmen


"Tick-tock" is the sound an HBO executive's phone makes when they press "m" for "money."  Watchmen is a sequel to the Watchmen comics, and a ghost sequel to the mundane Watchmen movie that awkwardly forgot about the giant squid.  It's about white supremacists using the concepts of superheroes as props in their war against the government and black culture.  Isn't that what you expected after a giant squid is dropped on New York City and a super-human blue man goes to Mars so people stop getting cancer?  Oh.  Well, it's good regardless.


3. Happy!


Enjoying my random Google images yet?  Well, you'll also enjoy season 2 of Happy, which is just more mindless action featuring aliens, Satan, and white stuff.  It's Si-Fis only good show, so just let them have it.



2. Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance



As the prequel to the creepy movie from the 80's, Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is a show about puppets who are pretending to be not puppets with the help of some Jim Henson trickery and Netflix budget CGI.  It's definitely one of the best looking shows ever made, with every character and prop being 100% man made and tailored perfectly to this dark fantasy world.  There are a few story issues,  but the sheer amount of work put into the show's visuals masks them well.


1. Chernobyl



Really?  A show about cleaning up nuclear gunk is better than the Witcher?  Chernobyl is a dramatic representation of the most famous core meltdown in history, and the horrors that followed.  No, you won't be vibrating in terror over  a radioactive super-bear, or two-headed zombie rats.  The real horror of the show is how low the Russian government would go to clean up their biggest mistake, and that it's also all 100% true.  No, it's not a documentary.  It's pure, raw horror derived from one of the darkest moments in human history.