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In Topic: Problem with dds files

23 September 2017 - 06:35 PM

That worked perfectly, big thanks guys!!! :)

In Topic: Small bugs

23 September 2017 - 04:17 PM

Played today with Gondor faction.

Map: Iron Hills


Don't know how many of these are bugs, here's small report from me:


- Small text bug: https://s5.postimg.o...3/Textbug_1.png

- Ithilian Rangers are able to use "Long shot" ability while they are in "Valiant Charge" mode.

- Don't know is this bug, but Denethor is able to effect Swan Knighs with his "Favor of Steward" ability (didn't check in term of stats, damage and armor), but in forged blades and heavy armor are listed in description of unit: https://s5.postimg.o...c9s13/Bug_1.jpg

- Same situation with Denethor's ability "Favor of Steward" and all non summoned units. (Ithilien Rangers also get (in term of description at least) Heavy armor and Forged blades, Dol Amroth man at Arms get Heavy armor, Fountain Guards get both upgrades etc)

- After I lost Fortress, I was still able to use Palantir powers ( probably becasuse I had Dol Amroth citadel summoned on field)

- Dol Amroth citadel could be summoned more then once (not sure is this bug or not, those powerful summoning buildings should be limited in number I guess, and from lore aspect there should be one Dol Amroth Citadel)

- Samwise's ability "Rabbit Stew" can be casted without limitation, again not sure is this bug or not, I presume there should be limitation in number if not 1 then few.

- Gandalf animation for clock while riding is frozen and get some wierd cutting of shadowfax's model while horse decelerate.

- New fire worm (or drake) has straight flame animation (as vannila drake) while his head has rotation animation (as summoned dragon from vannila), maybe it would be nice to add proper moving of flame (same aoe as dragon has).


Map Gray Mountains:

- Gondor AI doesn't work.


Mini suggestions:


- Aragorn's ability "Hands of the King" can't be auto-casted like Gandalf's "Rejuventation".

- If possible it would be nice to add visual effect and animation when casting "Elendil" in "Flame of the West" mode.

- If possible to add some animation for Boromir when he is casting ability "For Gondor" and to add sound effect ("For gondor" sentence as sound effect already exists when he is casting "Proud, Stubborn, Strong" ability).





In Topic: Problem with dds files

23 September 2017 - 10:32 AM

Same problem with .tga, simply new texture is completely purple (purple square when I try to use rallying call spellpower).

Only part of code I changed is name of texture in radiuscursortemplate in ingameui.ini

RadiusCursorTemplate = RallyRadiusCursor
		Texture        = scctest ;SCCRally
		Style          = SHADOW_ALPHA_DECAL
		OpacityMin     = 20%
		OpacityMax     = 60%
		OpacityThrobTime  = 1500
		Color          = R:255 G:255 B:255 A:128
		OnlyVisibleToOwningPlayer = Yes

scctest.dds is placed in art/compiledtextures/sc folder. Is there anything else in code I should change or add?


Also any tip for process of making dds?

I simply make some test dds file from transparent background with some random marks, and then exported it as dds with DTX5 compression. Am I missing something?