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Bug Report by CragLord

06 March 2018 - 02:27 PM



Gondor faction:


- There is no visual effect of leadership abilities (Aragorn's, Boromir's, Faramir's, Berethor's) on Swan Knights (Effect is only visible on banner carrier) Screenshot

- There is no visual effect of Boromir's ability "For Gondor!" on Swan Knights battalion (visual effect exists only on banner carrier unit) Screenshot

- Aragorn's ability "Hands of the King" can't be put on autocast mode.
- Aragorn's model "Crowned King" doesn't appear in game.  Screenshot
- Berethor's sound set isn't changed (I noticed there are some new sound files, but in game this hero is still using some old vanilla sound set).
- Denethor's ability "Favor of Steward" can be casted on units which shouldn't be effected by armor/weapon upgrade, units like Swan Knights, Ithilien Rangers, Fountain Guards, Dol Amroth man at Arms etc (not sure about damage/armor stat boost effect, but in text desciption upgrade is visible:Screenshot )

- Denethor's ability "His Rule is Failing" doesn't wear off visaul effect of leaderships from units (Tested on those units Screenshot ), not sure about unit's stats.
- Gandalf's cloak needs some proper animation when hero rides Shadowfax.
- Ithilien rangers spawned by Faramir's ability "Captain of Ithilien" can't use Bombard ability (Tested on empty terrain).
- Pipin's passive ability "Halfing Courage" doesn't have visual effect on Berethor (Only when Berethor unlocks his passive "Citadel's Might" Screenshot ).

- After destructions of Fortress (if Dol Amroth citadel is summoned) it is possible to use spellbook powers.
- Stoneworker passive ability doesn't have visual effect on Lone Tower, Dol Amroth citadel or other Stoneworker.

- Dol Amroth citadel can be summoned multiple times (This should be restricted to one at the time).

- On Map Gray Mountains, Gondor AI doesn't work.

Mini suggestions (and/or possible bugs):

- If possible to add New Longbow/archery animation while rangers cast "Long shot" ability in sword stance (same as in longbow stance?).

- New animation for Berethor while he's casting "Challenge of Gondor" ability. Some intimidating like pointing with sword etc. (There are some animations similar with Boromir's model while he is casting "For Gondor!" or "Proud,Stuborn, Strong" abilities).
- New animation for Prince Imrahil when he's casting "Amroth for Gondor" ability (Teoden's vanila model animation while he's casting "Glorious charge" with horse propping on hint legs).
- New animation for Prince Imrahil when he uses "Wise Councel" ability. (When mounted, sword pointing animation exists in vanilla Teoden's model (and for unmounted stance, unmounted Theoden's model animation) or Faramir's mounted model when casting "Faramir's Quality").
- Is possible to make visual effect of "Faithfull Guardian" ability (and visual effect of Beregond's "Guard of the Citadel" ability) visible on Lone Tower,Battle Tower, Dol Amroth Citadel, Wall hubs and Arrow Expansions at walls (I know it isn't bug, effect exists, just visual is blocked by size of the stucture's models)?
- Samwise's ability "Rabbit Stew" can be casted without limitation, again not sure is this bug or not, I presume there should be limitation in number if not 1 then few.
- New portrait for "Rabit stew"? :p

- Lone Tower needs new portrait which will correspond to model's new look.



Misty Mountains faction:



- It is possible to make two battalions of Gundabad Bodyguards (If we click to create them simultaneously at Fortress and Gundabad pit). [Not bug]

- Fire worm (or drake) has straight flame animation ( same as vannila drake) while his head's animation has rotation (as summoned dragon from vannila), maybe it would be nice to add corresponding proper rotation of flame beam.



- Few text bugs concerning buildings descriptions, first if we take a look at builder "Building palantir", if we take cursor at  Worm pit icon in description stays "Worm Pit" and it should be "Build Worm Pit" like it stays for rest of buildings.

- Similar with Gundabad pit, in builder's palantir it is called "Build Gundabad Gathering" , but when we finish building, in its description stays "Gundabad pit"

- Similar non-compliance exists in case of Fortress expansions, in palantir's description arrow expansion is called "Orcish Lookout Expansion", when we click on finished expansion it is called "Arrow den Expansion".

- Same with Troll Stone Thrower Expansion description. In fortress's palantir is called "Troll Stone Thrower Expansion", finished building is called "Troll Stone Thrower". Missing that "Expansion", also missing palantir portrait.

- When we start constructing "Troll Stone Thrower Expansion" it still has building visual effect of Angmar faction (" Snowy frosty visual effect " common for Angmar buildings), if possible this should be replaced with visual constructing effect of Goblins, which is "dusty&bats_flying" effect.


Isenguard faction:




-There is no visual effect of spell "Darkness" on Uruk Man-Slayers Screenshot

Problem with dds files

22 September 2017 - 09:18 PM

Hello people!


I have really strange problem with dds files.

Few days ago, I started with some trivial modding, and already got some problems I can't solve...

I installed gimp and photoshop (both with dds plugins) in order to make some dds files.

Problem is no matter how I exported them as dds, they are purple in game.

Example, was doing some new graphics for spell_powers/hero_abilities radial cursor in game and after I exported finished picture as dds, it is always purple square in game. (for example look of summoning units cursor or some other positioning aoe spell).


I simply can't find step I am missing in this process...


Also noticed one more  thing, if I load some original dds from game (for example SCCRallyCall radial cursor) and then modify it, export under same name ( using compresion dtx5 and generation of minimaps) and used it it works in game. If during exporting process change name from original, same problem, it becomes purple square in game.


Presume it is some trivial thing I am missing because of lack of experience...

Some advices are more then welcome. :)