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Problem with dds files

22 September 2017 - 09:18 PM

Hello people!


I have really strange problem with dds files.

Few days ago, I started with some trivial modding, and already got some problems I can't solve...

I installed gimp and photoshop (both with dds plugins) in order to make some dds files.

Problem is no matter how I exported them as dds, they are purple in game.

Example, was doing some new graphics for spell_powers/hero_abilities radial cursor in game and after I exported finished picture as dds, it is always purple square in game. (for example look of summoning units cursor or some other positioning aoe spell).


I simply can't find step I am missing in this process...


Also noticed one more  thing, if I load some original dds from game (for example SCCRallyCall radial cursor) and then modify it, export under same name ( using compresion dtx5 and generation of minimaps) and used it it works in game. If during exporting process change name from original, same problem, it becomes purple square in game.


Presume it is some trivial thing I am missing because of lack of experience...

Some advices are more then welcome. :)