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In Topic: Campaign #1 - CORE WORLDS

11 February 2016 - 08:25 AM

On the Coruscant image there are several small craft that I was curious about. On the top left and bottom middle there are several small wedge shaped ships that look like transports, are they new or am I just not identifying them?


And on the third image down, the one of the new space station under attack, I do believe I see 2 Providence-Class in that fleet, and two more ships I can't identify.


sorry can't help but dig for hints


Finally! - someone noticed the new units! 


Good spot and yes, we have several new transports in the Mod, together with more..... Frigates, cruisers and destroyers. 


The first screen in the post is also a close up of a new cruiser. 


We will be reporting on these in more detail in a future news post. 

In Topic: Poll: New Imperial Ships (also again)

15 January 2016 - 06:07 PM

As forum works properly [for a change] then I have good reason to post in such nice thread.


I won't hide that voted all except Clone Wars holdovers. These belong to Rebellion, Pirates and CIS as it should be.


1. PR looks barren (space units-wise) when compared to number of different mods (dead or alive alike)

2. While Rebellion had certainly a lot of trouble to match Imperial-muscles they had to scavenge ships left, right and center (at least initially) - CW leftovers. I would even be for allowing Rebellion to build certain CW ships.

3. I don't pretend to eat-sleep-breathe SW knowledge. I'm not canonical hardcore idealist. I gladly will accept compromises to improve gameplay over "SW-realism". Funny... word: realism, about something that is absolutely fictional and without any scientific background. Anyway...

4. Empire produced vast quantities of many, many.... hell know how many types of ships. But PR for 3 releases stuck with tiny number of space units. Considering that each major release takes 1 year+ it becoming a bit troublesome. By the time everything is finished and polished it may be year 2150.  :evgr:

5. Owning important worlds (e.g. Kuat or Corellia) doesn't (at least since v 1.0 to 1.2) provide ANY unique units for either side. E.g. Kuat & Pursuit-class light cruiser.

6. New Fighter - a must. Imperial (and Rebels) fighters were plentiful with many interesting ideas that never went into mass production. It should be really player choice what he likes to produce. I don't get it why TIE-Phantom was removed. In limited numbers it should be available at Maw installation for example.

7. New Transport Delta-class JV-7 Escort Shuttle - it is one probably of two places where I could live with replacing existing unit for a new one. I don't really build these, just researching for flavor sake.

8. New Freighter - Star Galleon with a bumper income - yes please!

9. New Corvette - required. Tartan cruiser should become available galaxy-wide. Ready model is in game. I see no logical reason why it was removed, and Crusader[gunship] corvette available to build only on Mandalore.

10. Beta-class ETR-3 Escort Transport - nothing against replacement.

11. Nebulon-B2 - should become available to research after lvl 3 or 4 Nebulon-B is researched.

12. Vindicator-class Heavy Cruiser - Bring it ON! No fancy argumentation required here. :laugh: Buildable on any of SFS subsidiary world.

13. Allegiance-class Star Battlecruiser - same as #12. I like idea of Tector class. Gun-platform destroyer. So I love Allegiance-class 3x as much. Open to debate shipyard lvl 4 or 5. If 5 then available to research/build right of the bat. If lvl 4 then available to research/build after lvl3 Tector is known.

All I can say about these is that many are on our wish-list, and require suitable models. 


PR is NOT barren - there are a large number of different space units (I think I counted over 100 recently) all with multiple upgrades. 

We have more units in the mod than last time. 


Keep an eye on the news posts and you can see at least 2 of them if you look carefully. More will be revealed in time.

In Topic: AI not working in 1.2

11 January 2016 - 02:00 PM

We've made considerable improvements to the AI - it can be quite mean and aggressive in the current test version. And we have not even properly overhauled the AI yet. 


If you make a mistake in Galactic mode, it will stomp on you, especially in the late civil war era campaigns. 

In Topic: Neutron Star-class bulk cruiser

11 January 2016 - 08:23 AM

The best thing about the Neutron Star is it's cheap. It's fantastic if you are short of cash. They might be slow and a bit obsolete, but great against pirate fleets.   Mark II adds hangars, Mark III adds trubolasers, and the later variants... kepp getting better, (quads go to sextuple lasers)


It's a great second line cruiser. Against anything imperial and modern - they die. They do have 1 weakness - short range fire. They are vulnerable to anything with a decent range, such as Carrack-Class. 


Overall, great ship - really useful. It may not be the best militarily, but economically, it's a winner. 

In Topic: Hero/Unique list

11 January 2016 - 08:04 AM

Keep and eye on the Campaign reviews. Starting heroes will be listed, and we have new heroes throughout.