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In Topic: SEE Campaign maps

23 November 2009 - 02:10 AM

Is there going to be a Good Ithilien level like in the BFME1 campaign? I liked that one.

In Topic: Isengard heroic statue

08 November 2009 - 05:16 PM

That statue looks amazing! Wonderful work. How large would it be compared to units in-game?

In Topic: Isengard heroic statue

06 November 2009 - 01:39 AM

In the Two Towers book, in 'The Road to Isengard', there is a White Hand on the road pointing to Isengard that Gandalf, Aragorn, etc. pass. It's nail is bleeding. On the return journey, the Hand is broken and the nail is black. Perhaps a giant White Hand would be the most fitting as there is something like it in the books. (while there are no Isengard "statues" in the movies)

In Topic: SEE Hero Roster

05 November 2009 - 12:28 AM

If Gondor and Rohan are split, then the list of heroes for Gondor could look something like this:
Pippin (800-1000)
1- Sword/Rock Toggle
1- Elven Cloak
5- Loyal Friend - gives a boost in defense to nearby heroes (he saves Gandalf and Faramir in the movie)
10- Troll's Bane

Faramir (1500-2000)
perhaps remove his exp giving power, leave that with Boromir... give him something like:
4- Scouts' Report - reveals a portion of enemy base, or certain building, or neutral buildings (Madril reports to Faramir that :"Our scouts report..." and goes to to talk about the attacks of Sauron and Saruman)

Beregond (1500-2000)

Imrahil (2000-2500)
1- Mount
2- Swan Banner (leadership)
5- Inspiration (removes fear, other form of LD)
7- Amroth Imports (fully upgrades one battalion of units)
10- Charge of the Swan

Boromir (2500-3000)
7- For Gondor! (gives a HUGE boost to heroes and units alike, like in the extended TTT when he chants after winning Osgiliath in the flashback)

Aragorn (3000-4000)
1- Athelas
2- Leadership
5- Mount (Brego)
8- Wave of the Dead (as opposed to summoning an army, and repeating the PP spell, make a wave [like Flood] rush out of him, kind of like what happens with the Corsairs in the extended ROTK scene)
10- For Frodo- give a HUGE boost to the heroes of the faction, as they all try their hardest to give Frodo a chance

Gandalf (4000+)
same as is but perhaps rename Word of Power to "You Shall Not Pass" and change the colors a bit to make it more movie-like

Halbarad (15 PP Dunedain spell, stays until death)
Toggle Weapon
Standard of Arwen- leadership to nearby Dunedain
Cloak of the Dunedain
Star of Elendil- causes enemies to flee (I know Aragorn wears it but he has enough powers already)

And then for Rohan...
Merry (800-1000)
Sword/Rock Toggle
Elven Cloak
Double Mount- if possible, allow him to mount WITH certain heroes
Simple Courage- Merry and nearby units are resistant to fear
Blade of Westernesse- powerful crippling strike, bonus damage vs. heroes and Nazguls

Theodred (1500-2000)
1- Mount
3- Swift Pursuit- speed boost (in the books it states that after winning at the Fords, he pursues the retreating forces of Saruman, where he is then overwhelmed by the oncoming army and falls back only to be defeated and slain)
5- Heir of Rohan- a healing power for himself

Hama (1500-2000)

Gamling (1500-2000)
Toggle Weapon
Horn of Rohan
Yew Arrow

Eowyn (2000)
Stew- heals heroes and units
Shield Maiden
Strike of Edoras- powerful sword attack

Eomer (2500-3000)
Outlaw Leadership
Spear Throw
Guthwine for the Mark- a Blade Master-like ability
Slaughtered in the Night- HUGE bonus for nearby mounted units (im thinking damage and attack speed)

Theoden (3000+) - I figured that as Theoden is the powerful hero for Rohan, but doesnt compare to Gandalf or the WK, etc. he could have two commandsets to compensate for it
King's Favor
Renewed Strength- healed to full health and gains a speed boost
Herugrim- powerful sword strike

First 3 remain the same, but change:
Renewed Strenght --> Glorious Charge
Herugrim --> Golden Spear- in the books, Theoden slays the Black Serpent with his spear, so it could fit as a strong ranged attack (bonus vs. other cavalry heroes)

Damrod (1500-2000) : Flaming Shot, Trapper, Stay Hidden, Ranger Ambush
Grimbold (2000) : Mount, Axe Strike, Captain of Rohan, Westfold Rally
Erkenbrand (2000-2500) : Blade Master, Horn of Dawn, Rescuer's Charge, Rally the Warriors, Wrath of Rohan

If there are questions about any heroes or any powers, feel free to ask, but I won't explain everything in thsi post as its long enough already and I dont want to flesh out every detail if its not wanted/needed. :)

In Topic: SEE Hero Roster

20 October 2009 - 08:17 PM

Ok that's cool with me. It's your mod. But if you ever, somehow (if its possible for you and this community :xcahik_: ) run out of ideas, I'm here