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Captain Beremir's Evil Men Faction suggestions

10 October 2009 - 01:52 AM

Hey guys. I've noticed that Nazgul is finally back, and saw that he hasn't read all of the posts since he left. So, as the old topic title said "Obsolete", I am just transferring my ideas that I posted a few months back so that they are fresh in everyone (espcially Naz's) mind:


Mahûd - the Mûmakil Captain of Far Harad
Cost: 1500
Appearance: as in ROTK
Weapon: Club
Level 3- Mirthless Laugh- Mahûd and nearby units gain 50% damage
Level 6- Horn of Harad- stuns nearby enemies
Level 10- Mount Mûmak- mounts a Mûmakil

Malmek - the guard of the palaces of Rhûn
Cost: 1800
Appearance: a Soldier of Rhûn (the pikemen) with a larger shield and perhaps different helmet
Weapon: Spear & Shield
Level 2- Spear Thrust- hits a selected enemy with his spear
Level 5- Loyal Servants- Malmek and nearby Soldiers of Rhûn gain 50% damage and 25% speed
Level 7- Shields Up- nearby Rhûn units become invincible to arrows and trample

Renordin - Sauron's messenger to Rhûn
Cost: 2500
Appearance: Cloaked, like the MoS, with either a hood OR a helmet
Weapon: Sword
Level 1- Mount- mounts a horse (similar to the Mouth of Sauron's)
Level 3- Dark Teachings- gives selected units experience
Level 4- Proven Warrior- Renordin gains 150% damage
Level 8- Treasures of Sauron- selected resource structure temporarily triples its output

Shurkta - the chieftain of the Variags of Khand
Cost: 3000
Appearance: largely build man with reddish leather armor, almost like Hwaldar from RotWK but without the huge beard
Weapon: Two-sided Axe
Level 1- Mount- mounts a horse
Level 1- Chieftain- nearby Khand units gain 50% damage and attack speed
Level 3- Crippling Strike- cripples a selected enemy
Level 5- Heavy Axe- a powerful axe strike that hits multiple units
Level 8- Troll Guard- summons 2 Half-Trolls to the battlefield

Suladan - the "Serpent Lord" ("Black Serpent") of Harad
Cost: 3000
Appearance: golden and red armor, a golden crown
Weapon: Sword
Level 1- Mount- mounts a horse
Level 1- King of Harad- nearby Harad units gain 50% damage and earn experience 2x as fast
Level 3- Black Serpent- enemies flee in fear
Level 5- Poison Dart- ranged attack that poisons a selected enemy
Level 10- Royal Charge- Harad cavalry gain invincibility and double damage

Ataldor - the King of Rhûn
Cost: 3500
Appearance: square shield, large sword, crown, maroon and golden armor
Weapon: Sword & Shield
Level 1- King of the East- nearby Rhûn units gain 50% damage and armor
Level 4- Shield Bash- Ataldor can trample enemy units
Level 6- Slave Driver- turns selected enemy battalion into Rhovanion Slaves
Level 8- Glory of Rhûn- nearby Rhûn units gain 300% damage
Level 10- Sword of Doom- a powerful attack against a single target that deals 500% damage

Khamûl - the Shadow of the East and 2nd of the Nazgûl
Cost: 4000
Appearance: Khamûl the Easterling , but horse should be black
Weapon: Morgul Blade
Level 1- Mount- mounts an undead horse
Level 4- Morgul Knife- a ranged version of Morgul Blade that does less damage
Level 6- Screech- causes enemy units to flee in terror
Level 7- Shadow of the East- nearby enemies lose 25% damage, armor, speed, and vision
Level 10- Ulairi Frenzy- Khamûl gains 300% damage and armor


Basic Swordsmen

Haradrim Archers
Basic Archers

Haradrim Lancers
Basic Spearmen

Haradrim Raiders
Basic Cavalry

Harad Temple Guards
Elite Infantry
Battalion Size: 3
Appearance: like the guy in the ROTK EE who attacks Merry right after he crawls out from beneath the Mûmakil, with the polearm

Serpent Guard
Elite Cavalry

Wild Mûmakil
Elite Monster/Cavalry/Siege

War Mûmakil
Elite Monster/Cavalry/Siege, with archers on top

Anit-hero assassins
Battalion Size: 1
Always stealthed unless attacking

Rhovanion Slaves
Peasant-type Swordsmen

Rhûn Swordsmen
Basic Swordsmen

Easterling Bowmen
Basic Archer

Soldiers of Rhûn
Basic Spearmen

Elite Chariot Cavalry
Battalion Size: 1
Can toggle between spear and bow

Easterling Kataphracts
Elite Cavalry
Appearance: Easterling Kataphracts

Rhûn Royal Guard
Elite Swordsmen

Battering Ram

Easterling Catapult

Variags of Khand
Elite Axemen

Khand Horsemen
Basic Cavalry

Half-Troll Men
Elite Swordsmen

Khand Standard-Bearers
Elite Infantry
Appearance: Flag upon their back and wield a large axe
Battalion Size: 1

Windmill- resources, Rhovanion Slaves
Haradrim Palace- (1)Southrons, Haradrim Archers (2)Haradrim Lancers (3)Haradrim Raiders
Rhûn Barracks- (1)Rhûn Swordsmen, Soldiers of Rhûn (2)Easterling Bowmen (3)Rhûn Royal Guard
Rhûn Stable- (1)Wain-Riders (2)Kataphracts
Khand War Tent- (1)Variags of Khand, Khand Horsemen (2)Half-Troll Men (3)Khand Standard-Bearers
Haradrim Temple- (1)Harad Temple Guards (2)Hasharin (3)Serpent Guard
Mûmakil Pen- (1)Wild Mûmakil (2)War Mûmakil
Rhûn Forge- (1)Banner Carrier (2)Forged Blades, Heavy Armor (3)Barbed Arrows
Siege Hall- (1)Battering Ram (2)Easterling Catapult
Watering Hole- Healing
Mordor Tribute- Leadership

Desert Sandstorm- provides stealth, lowers enemy armor (creates a tan cloud around the fortress)
Quicksand Bog- reduces melee damage to the fortress (makes a quicksand moat)
Wall Spears- damages attacking melee units (spears appear aroung the base of the fortress)
Head of the Beast- causes fear in enemy units and increases damage and armor in nearby units (a great Mûmakil head or skull above the fortress doors)
Beacons of War- reduces the cost of heroes and units (torches or burning woodpiles appear on the fortress turrets)
Steel of the East- adds armor, prerequisite to monument (adds maroon and gold armor to the fortress)
Serpent Flag- Monument, recruits a Giant Black Serpent to fight

POWERS (in order from left-to-right)
5- Coerce -like the CaH power, takes control of selected battalion
5- Scavengers -gain resources for kills
5- Desert Wind -like Angmar's "Fell Wind"

10- The Blue Istari -summons Alatar and Pallando
10- Arrow Volley
10- Blight
10- Summon Dourhands -summons 3 battalions of Dourhand Dwarves

15- Barrage
15- Heatstroke -a mini-Sunflare
15- Whirlwinds -summons 1 or 2 whirlwinds to control

25- Summon Black Mûmakil -summons a large Black Mûmakil
25- Earthquake

Alatar's Abilities:
Blue Flame- a blue fireball attack
Bolt of the Maiar- a lightning attack that hits a single target
Istari Light

Pallando's Abilities:
Istari Blast- like Wizard Blast
Blue Shock- sends out a small blue shockwave
Staff Slam- creates a mini-earthquake with his staff

-Captain Beremir

sudden game.dat error...help please!

02 August 2009 - 10:26 PM

I have been working on my own personal mod for quite some time now, and being a beginner to modding, I have only done simple tasks such as adding new heroes and switching up powers. For months now my mod has worked fine, and there have been no problems. But today, after editing a few more details such as healths and commandsets, the mod no longer runs, and I get a game.dat error every time.

Here is a short summary of what I did, if anything could cause the problem please let me know!
I recently tried to follow the "Adding Morthond Bowmen into a mod" tutorial, but being as this personal mod (The New Shadow, i call it) doesn't have a folder, just a .big, i tried to create a folder. I moved my .big into the folder, but I soon decided to stop the tutorial, as I could not find my AssetCacheBuilder. I went back to just play my mod normally, and naturally the regular ROTWK began, because my mod's .big was in a new location. I copied it back(probably a stupid move to copy it), and the game ran smoothly. Today I began editing some more things such as health and commandsets, to find that they were unchanged in-game. I realized that this must be because of my two files bearing the same name, so I checked out the size of both files, and, finding a larger one(with the new edits), I put that one in the "-mod" location. That's when the game.dat began occurring. So now I cant' play my mod, or edit it in any way to test it.

If there are any codes or information that I need to provide, just let me know. I really wish to solve this problem quickly so that I can get back on track working on it.

Thanks in advance,