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Basic tutorials?

12 February 2013 - 07:17 AM

Okay, someone's probably going to shoot me over this, but... I can't find the basic tutorials for coding skins/models into a game. My situation is that I don't like some of EA's skins that are used in the RJ mod's Arnor faction, particularly for Arveleg. Is it possible to take a skin from another mod that uses the same model (i.e. an Isildur skin from another mod) and replace the fecal-quality E.A. skin with it? I don't want to touch the powers - just the skin. I'd appreciate a link to the tutorials (which I searched on T3A for and couldn't find) and any tips. And just so nobody gets antsy about ethics, this is a completely personal project and will never be uploaded or transferred to another computer.


Oh, and hi, by the way. It's been a while.